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Hello, The live demo is down.


I am thinking about getting this but have a quick question.

I want to provide a lot of different users their own account, so they can upload files but only see their own files.

So If i upload something on my account, my mate cant see it on his. Is that possible?

Yes, of course. When you set it up you have to give a user ID so you’ll just use your application’s users and probably you have their ID already stored in the session variable.

will users be able to log in?

You have to create the login process yourself this basically just a class.

When you move a file to a different folder, if there is already a file with the same name, it gets overwritten. Any way to prevent this? Rename it before it moves it?

Probably in a new version.

Is there away to have it display all users on an admin type page. So get all files / folders?

No. Not right now. Unless you extend the script yourself.

Dang, any suggestions?

I don’t think this will be in any updates though, this was meant to be integrated in systems that already have user accounts and every system is different.

Hello, is it possible to add seach function ? Thanks

You could do anything with it.

it would be really very interesting. Is it possible?

So there’s no user management admin with this yet?

Thanks Joe

Hi, is it possible to add a confirm message before delete files? Thanks

Hello, if I create an archive in your demo it has a size of 0 byte.. And the progress takes a long time. Do you know where the problem is and can you fix it?

most likely there’s a folder permission error

Every folder and data has the permission 777 for the test. There is no change..

send me the link where you installed this

hello , maybe it’s a stupid question , but you can integrate it into WHMCS ?

If si possible?

If you have the knowledge probably yes.

Hey :)

I sent a message via your profile, please reply when you get a moment. it’s urgent :)


still no reply!!

its been 3 days

Hi, I am looking purchase this… I have a few questions… 1/ will users be able to have the option to attach the document to an email? 2/ I have a database of users and types, could I offer the delete function to ‘admins’ only? Thanks

Only if you add those features yourself

Hi, this is awesome script :D

btw, i have a problem with uploading file, why I can’t upload a file 1GB+

my php.ini settings
upload_max_filesize 5000M post_max_size 5000M max_input_time 5000

can you help me??