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Hello, I bought your code, every time I try to change the package name, Android studio couldn’t find the R class … How to solve the probleme please ?

Because, this changer also the name of the package in the nudge, wich is problematic, how can I fix It ?

Hi, no you don’t need to change the package id of the NUDGE library. Just change the 2 package ids as mentioned in the tutorial.

HI! I just bought your code. Where can i change the font? Thanks.

The R error is generated when there’s an error in an xml file. Most of the time the problem occurs during refactoring, because when the changed package id isn’t updated in every java class thus it doesn’t match. Are you selecting ‘rename package’ (not ‘rename directory’)?

Somehow when i started over it worked. So it’s fine now! Thanks you for the superfast responses. 5 star. Where can i disable the snowflakes?

Glad you solved it :) Thanks!

Error File Path too long on Windows keep below 240 characters ?

Hi, When you download the file make sure to keep it as close to c:/ (or your root hdd) as possible. Windows gas a file path limit.

i get it on desktop. (i have SSD)

ok great thanks

you have nice app here…looking for match 3 game before i come i across you app…could you kindly consider Jewel Miner version of pokemon go match 3 Catch Monster like this https://codecanyon.net/item/gotcha-monster/17429226?s_rank=2 cos pokemon go is top of the chart and topic of game everywhere

mm, depends what you want to change. If you want to make it exactly like the above link it will take some time. However, if you just want to change the images you should be able to do it.


Hello, Once renamed the project reflected this problem: error: package R does not exist

I just sent the email

Just replied :)

Hello, Once rename the project reflected this problem: error: package R does not exist. I did all the required roads but to no avail …



There is a manifest file under the nudge module. Open it, and replace the neurondigital in the following line, with your company name.

Try cleaning the project from Build -> Clean Project and run it.

Let me know if this solves the problem.

thanks , you great

Hi, Thank you for the great apps you provide… I have a question. because I’m planning to get more than one app. 1- If I have some issue are you going to help me ? such as Admob setup and app submission. 2- How to change some characters because as you know there are similar apps at the google play store and this is not effective to have the same apps as someone else. thank you.


1) Sure, I do provide support as long as it is related to the template and not about features added by the buyer.

2) In all my apps the images can be replaced simply by copy and paste. So just replace any image you want to make the app more unique.

All my apps include written documentation and a narrated video tutorial which explains the customisation process. So if you take a look at those you should be fine :)

Hi, when there are already 3 of a kind next to eachother and you hit them, the points are calculated twice. Why is that and can it be solved?

Hi, this shouldn’t occur. Can you give me a more detailed example please or maybe send me a video on melvin@neurondigital.com

How can i set interstitial before the game starts?

Hi, you can but there’s some modification you need to do. Open Maingame.java. Basically this is the code that shows the ad, you need to put it in line 733 at the end of the StartGame() function:
        if (ad_counter >= Configuration.ad_shows_every_X_gameovers) {
            advertHelper.openInterstitialAd(new AdvertHelper.InterstitialListener() {
                public void onClosed() {
     //start game
        state = GAMEPLAY;

                public void onNotLoaded() {

            ad_counter = 0;
     //start game
        state = GAMEPLAY;
Also, remove the following from line 723 as this will be called when the ad is closed.
     //start game
        state = GAMEPLAY;

Hi. Plz 1) How can i hide FACEBOOK LIKE button? 2) How can i désactivate snow?

Thanks for your fast support. I already do that but withowt leaderbord future for what i want to update the game on my store.

The game can be uploaded without leaderboard. Just don’t put in your app id and leaderboard id and the leaderboard icon should not show.

Alright. Thank you a lot.


dxb1 Purchased

Can you check your downloadable zip file? the content seem incomplete.


dxb1 Purchased

nevermind .. got the files .. think it was my winzip acting up

glad you solved it :)

dear Author, Hi there. I just purchased your game, and I have some a questions. if I didn’t change any of its design and I uploaded it as it is in google play store, would my game be spammed by google? (that is not my attention, but I care to know) in other words; is there any copyrights for the design (icon, sprites, backgrounds, sounds …. )?

Hi, It would be better if you don’t share your ad unit ids online. Ideally, you change them, to make sure they are private and can only be used by you.

It might be that Google doesn’t have any ads for your area at that time (no fill). Thus they might show in another country or if you try again in an hour. If it doesn’t work for you after a day or so, just send me your .apk file via email and I’ll take a look at it.

Dear author, it finally works, though it took sometimes and I don’t know why, but it works just fine now. PS: thanks for the advice I didn’t know that I will change the ads unit ids.

no worries :) glad it worked

Hye. i am making some changes in the code and i need a lil help if you could. when the jewels get destroyed and the screen refresh and new jewels gets created and everything. i need a way to know that all this process has ended. when the jewels gets detroyed till the screen refreshs and new jewels replaced the ones that got detroyed and the animation stopped …


In maingame.java there is a function called addToScore(). This is called after the jewels are moved to the score. This calls the refresh() function which recreates the missing jewels. So I would say that you need to add your code in line 990.

Google Play Leaderboard & Google Play Achievements options not work.

Hi, has it worked for you yet? If you have not solved this issue yet, please give me more details and I would be happy to help you.

no its not work my site

1) Have you created the leaderboard/achievements on Google Play? and is it published?

2) Have you added the leaderboard id and app id in strings.xml?

Please make sure that you have done these as instructed in the documentation. Most probably the issue is due to one of the above points.


i put my banner and interstitial ads as shown in the documentation, however, none of them is shown on the app. how can i fix that?

where can i put ID app drom admob ?

The admob id needs to be placed in the configurations.java file.

ok thanks

Is this still working with current versions of android, android studio etc?

It should work fine :) Did you manage to get it to work?

I did. Android Studio did most of the updates for me :) Thanks