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hello, very intersted in purchasing the extended version, just curious, do I have to purchase the game assests as well in order to reskin the game?

Hi yes, you can reskin the game. Thanks

Hi, I bought the extended version and would like to reskin it. can you send me the graphics source to ciso@grml.com.br please?

Hello my project is rejected because of this issue : 2.23 – Apps must follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines or they will be rejected. On launch and content download, your app stores 6.88 MB on the user’s iCloud, which does not comply with the iOS Data Storage Guidelines. what is the problem ??? thanks.

I have never gotten this problem. Did you import iCloud ? Can you send me your project to my mail address. Thanks

i don’t know about iCloud ?~ ... I will send you my project in this email [emre_esen@hotmail.com.tr]. thanks

Hi emerkhan, im waiting for your answer do you find the problem or not ?

Did you submit again with different bundle id?

yes, but the problem is not fixe !!!! :(


I have two questions:

How I can set my gameLinkOnAppleStore var in ConfigFile if I have not sent it for being approved yet? I mean, I don’t have my link yet. I have some experience making games with Cocos2D and I would like to reskin it. Have I do it buying your game assets or can I use mines instead ?


Can you send me the graphics please? dev@epya.com.mx Thank you!


I sent an email with graphics.


hello .. there are a problem i removead button .. it is not work .. and the app was rejected by apple .. can you help me and fix this bug !!

Hello .. My ads cannot showing can you fix that?

<Google:HTML> You are currently using version 7.6.0 of the SDK. Please consider updating your SDK to the most recent SDK version to get the latest features and bug fixes. The latest SDK can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/iGzfsP. A full list of release notes is available at https://developers.google.com/admob/ios/rel-notes.

Hello, I just bought the source code and i like it, i have one problem, i can’t find the image that appears in the launch to change it, the one who says “Developed by …”. please help

Since Xcode 8 and swift 3 alive the cods are not working properly. I was wondering if you can update it for us and new people who will buy :)

please update the code is not working

hi is there an android version?

How can i remove In App purchase in yr src. I just want to free game. Mo Admod, no In App Purchase. Tks


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Any updates for those who bought?

hi emre i want a game like this pls contact with me cmtmr@hotmail.com

Is still still supported?

Possible to get android version too? What would it take? I know Swift is iOS only so prob not but wanted to ask.