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how many levels in this game and source code working with Xcode

Hi Saadsnox,

yes works well with Xcode (tested on 7.3) it has 50 levels and it is easy to add more.

Hi i bought this item, and its working fine, but where did you get free version of Buildbox, the link which you mention in the document not available for free version.

your welcome Prinsprem :)

Hi BUILDBOX FILE not attached

Hi Prinsprem,

The BB file is included with the extended license

i want to without ad this source. you can help me remove ads. i have not buildbox.can’t setting that step.

Sure no problem, we can do that.

Please contact me on our support desk at https://odigames.ticksy.com


Thanks for your 5 stars rating :)

Hi, I want to be able to edit this in Eclipse. Can you please tell me where the images are and any guide with Eclipse. Thank you.


You mean the Buildbox software? that’s not our software you understand that right? I can not tell the creators of Buildbox if they want to hurry up with the free trial. So what does this have to do with false advertising? even if you can download the free trail you don’t have my buildbox file so what do you want to do with the free trial then? you still need to buy the extended license for the buildbox file.

Really don’t get this!

Seller refuses to refund my money for something he lied about, 1 star rating from me for this and raised a dispute with Envato. You are a lying thief.

Hello, Is Buildbox required to edit the game or can we use Android studio for making changes in the game? Can you tell me your reskin price too? Thanks

you can use Category Presale Questions :)

I have made a ticket


BTW a good game

Thanks! :)

This is a good game. I want to use with Xcode and publish in my AppStore account and change the or add the images and scenes. Is that possible only with Xcode?

Hi velascoti,

Thanks for the compliments! Yes that is possible only with Xcode.

A quick question

If I purchase the app today what do I need in order to publish it tomorrow in the stores?

Done. Ticket submitted

Ticket answered and the new project is ready for download :)

is the buildbox file included in the regular license?..is there any documentation attached for the reskin?.

Created a ticket

Thanks :)


Where the buildbox file I can’t find it ?

I’m sorry but the Buildbox file is only included in the Extended License.

Jetpack Run – iOS – Android – iAP + ADMOB + Leaderboards Extended License Purchase code: 268-997e-6909f2828d92

send me buildbox version. i bought Extended License send to Gaslovehati@cash4u.com ty


Thanks for your purchase! Please create a ticket at https://odigames.ticksy.com and we send you a secure download link.


hi, dam already bought a regular license. how can i remove the “Remove ADS” button and the In-App Purchases??

i have found no button for contact us at: https://odigames.ticksy.com

just click the link https://odigames.ticksy.com and submit a ticket

ok, thanks i got it

Hi when i open this in android studio, im gettting error. – * Android NDK: Aborting…. . Stop. Execution failed for task :app:compileDebugNdk

Hi Prinsprem,

Please use our ticket system here: https://odigames.ticksy.com


Hi there,

Does each level have its own background or is it the same background for all the 50 levels? And also how many images would I have to change if I were to reskin the game(including the GUI)?

Thank you!


Yes all the levels have the same background, but we can change that for you if you want, all parallax layered backgrounds.

Please use our support desk here https://odigames.ticksy.com for more information.


Hey, i bought the extended license and the buildbox file is not included. Can you please send it to me , i have already sent a ticket


BB File link is send… thanks for your purchase!

hi we already bought the games but we have a little problem. we add te admob codes with eclipse but adwtsnmt not seen and buildbox file is missing.. thanks for your help


Thanks for your purchase! Please open a ticket here: http://odigamestudio.com


It works on Xcode 8 ?


Yes it works on Xcode 8

Hi i uploaded to google play but it rejected. this is the msg tht i get ( The vulnerabilities were fixed in libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher. You can find more information about how resolve the issue in this Google Help Center article. ) please solve this issue

Please contact our support on http://odigamestudio.com. Kind Regards.

Hi this link showing “404 Not Found” page

Hi Can i edit this game on android studio and do you have the instructions to do so? If yes please send to my email address warictechnologies@gmail.com... Also can i add new levels on android studio?

Hi, to make any changes you need Buildbox. for any support, you can visit www.odigamestudio.com :)