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Can I add my own ad network from XCODE?

No it’s not possible with Corona SDK free. If you buy enterprise edition you can convert external libraries so it’s possible to use any ad network then but I have no experience in that.

I purchased this where says IOS but there’s NO IOS project. It’s FAKE. I want my money BACK.

Firstly, stop accusing me that it is fake because it is not. All uploaded projects are reviewed by Envato team. Secondly, I suggest reading the description before buying – IT IS WRITTEN THAT YOU BUY CORONA SDK PROJECT. With that project you can compile the game for iOS system. Thirdly, if you want money back you must contact Envato, authors have no possibility to make refunds.

hey can you add chart boost i have had a lot of great experience with them if not its ok still an amazing game great job man

From what I’ve seen the chartboost plugin for corona (new, compatible version) is under development so it’s not available at this time.

for next time: kick admob and implement chartboost …

I get good cpm with admob but if chartboost gets the update for corona I’ll consider implementing it.

to publish the game to appstore you must have the premium version of Corona SDK ?

No, free version is enough :-)

Hello ! Compatible with iPad Pro and iPhone 4S ?


Hi, according to sdk it should work without problems if they’re updated to newest iOS. Personally I own only iPhone 6s but simulator for different devices works ok.

ok thanks you !

IAP can be disable?


You can change the code and characters with xcode? You can compile and upload direct xcode? You can reskin?

I hope to help me with these questions

It’s not Xcode project. You can change code with any notepad, I suggest Sublime text. You can compile using free to use Corona SDK. I don’t offer reskinning.

Thanks for answering ¿How to add my own images?

Specify, if you talk about reskinning you just have to replace all .PNG images in the folder.

Hello, Could you please tell me: - How to deploy on a physical device to test - How to deploy the binary to app store ?

I know what to do with Xcode project but Corona is a bit new for me

Thank you !

Thanks a lot :-)

Hello, sorry another question: how to set the time for the interstitial ads? Actually I think the ads appeard too often.. Thanks

You can set the time in edit.lua below your admob ID, it’s in milliseconds so set it to 30000 for example.

Help me fix?

Missing IAPs

We are unable to complete the review of your app since one or more of your In-App Purchase products have not been submitted for review.

Please be sure to take action and submit your In App Purchase(s) AND upload a new binary in iTunes Connect. Learn more about submitting In App Purchases for review in the In-App Purchase Configuration Guide for iTunes Connect.

extended license costs $70; you must follow the guide by apple how to setup IAP in iTunes connect.

if i want Remove In App Purchase, How?

Open edit.lua and make inAppPurchase = false Remove any IAP you added in iTunes connect.

Hey, i want to know how i can make the Music on inside the App? On the Files its ’’ false ’’ what i need to write? Thanks

hey, i can’t see test ads on my android mobile. Can u pls help? TEST_ADS = true—change to false before submitting to the store

There might be some issues with test ads. Send me an email and I’ll help you.

use only xcode for reskin?

You need any code editor to open the “edit” file where you must put your ad ID, leaderboard & achievements IDs etc. The process of compilation requires Corona SDK which you can install for free. All graphics in game are PNG so you must replace images in the folder with your own.

hi the available coins for player is 8000 by default how yo decrease it pls ?

Hi, probably I forgot to delete one line in menu.lua (used for testing). Check if there’s a line “playerData.coins = 80000”. It’s line about 330 in menu.lua (the end of menu:create() function.

problem solved thnks

Hello. I would like to ask how many levels are included in the game? Also if i buy the regular license now can i upgrade to extended later? Thank you.

Hi, it’s endless type of game so there’re no levels. Envato doesn’t support upgrading licenses unfortunately.

hi, i am interested to buy but one question can you provide me without ads version after purchase ?

you know what some very bad guys spam the good codecanyon community by stole other code and upload it via there names this is really “_” and they even don’t know a single bit of code… then first i verify each author by asking few question and verify first then buy sorry if you hurt or feel bad ….

You are true developer thanks any ways ! Have a nice selling !! Good Luck

No problem :) If you find any problems after purchasing source codes I’m always ready to help :)

i know already because you develop it ! guaranteed ! basically my code fied is IT Forensic Manager at some private company and apps development in my blood … but i don’t know game development :P so i purchase games :P

When I uploaded the app to the app store for review it got rejected. Please see attached screenshot https://gyazo.com/0eb56b12e7226e59f81de9d759eb9f90

How can we fix this?

Exactly. If you find any problems please let me know.

From a quick test it seems like it drops the same power-up a certain amount of times in a row before it changes to dropping another power up? Also, I only tested for a few minutes but from what I saw it only dropped magnets and bombs. Is it also programmed to drop shields?

I’ve sent you whole project which I prepared to be universal for iOS and Android.

Regarding power-ups – please open play.lua and go to line 332. I’ve programmed it the way magnets appear more often than bombs, and shields are most rare, you can change it. If you want 1:1:1 chance then change it as follows:

local rand = math.random(1,3)
       if rand = = 1 then
           [..existing code..]
       elseif rand = = 2 then
           [..existing code..]
       elseif rand = = 3 then
           [..existing code..]    

@fifdee you are awesome b buddy now according to my promise i am buy new app please let me know which one is awesome and good one :)

I think all my games are same quality, you should choose whatever you wish


I got rejected from Apple regarding restoring IAP. I told them that there was a button in top-right corner and they replied: “The Restore button only restores your Non-Consumable In App Purchase product. To comply with the Guidelines, it would be appropriate to include an optional account feature to restore the items purchased with your in game currency. For example, you may use iCloud to restore the additional backgrounds and characters that are purchased with Coins. This allows users to access their purchases on all of their iOS devices.”

How do I resolve this?

Thank you.

I’ll do my best to do this today in the evening

I’ve succeeded in cloud restore implementation. It’s done automatically and supports backgrounds, characters and ‘remove ads’ restore. I decided to keep the old “restore” button which uses the old method of restoring non-consumable items, just in case cloud restore doesn’t work. Give me your email and I’ll send you files to replace with some instructions.

That’s great. Please send to famtechjsc@gmail.com Thank you for your work.

Can i remove In App Purchase in yr source code, I just want to free game for user. Thanks

In ‘edit.lua’ find ‘InAppPurchase = ‘true’ and turn it to: ‘InAppPurchase = false’

Hi, will this work with a CORONA FREE EDITION account?

Hi, yes it works – I also use free edition of Corona.