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Hello, I love it. But I’m no expert in editing images or sounds, for use in the game.

If I buy the extended license, brindarias me the sound and graphic files? Ready to be added

Sorry I’m not a graphic designer, I can’t prepare new graphics.

But if I buy the graphics in graphicriver, your you help me with specific sizes?

And about the sounds in the game?

You should check the size of each graphic I used in the game and then resize those which you bought to match the size, there’s no other way. Sounds can be found here for example: http://www.flashkit.com/soundfx

I have input all of the ID’s for the leaderboards and achievements uploaded to the app store and the buttons are un-responsive in game. Also, i cannot get the In App Purchases to work. is this the app name we put in the edit.lua? for example: “com.gamehub.jetpack.small_coins_pack” https://postimg.org/image/x05qb52a9/

I’ve just used DDMS monitor and it seems that there’s no “google play services” library in the compiled project! Check if you have these in “build.settings” file:

[“CoronaProvider.gameNetwork.google”] = { —required! publisherId = “com.coronalabs”, },

["plugin.google.play.services"] =
     publisherId = "com.coronalabs" 

If it’s already there, please compile the project again – maybe there was a problem with integrating these plugins during compilation process, so just do it again and check again on device.

I did verify and see that those lines were in build.lua. I also recompiled and uploaded the app 3 more times and they still did not work. I have really tried every thing it seems and I’ve showed you all of the code and it all seems right. I’m so confused. Do you have any other ideas?

Send me your whole project div.vip@gmail.com, I’ll investigate

could i reskin this game with eclipse or android studio??

No, it’s corona sdk project. Here’s the reskin guide: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/android_tutorial.html

buy the game, extended license. And buy the graphics.

But there are graphics that are not in the kit images. You could help me in private?

I don’t provide graphics because I’m not a graphic designer. I test my templates after buying various templates – you can find GUI kit which contains buttons which can be farther used in all your games.

Hi Developer I want just ask if this game can be reskinned with Eclipse or android S?

Hi, it can’t be reskinned with those tools. Here you can check how to do this: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/android_tutorial.html

the link is not working

Send me a message and I’ll attach this tutorial as word file.

hi if i buy game, will you show me where to buy graphics, and when i buy graphics will you help with the reskin and custom with my ids??

Hi, you can find tutorial here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5emCLfzxaXMNHp0NjNlQVZESlU/view

Graphics can be bought on Graphic River for example, but you must spend some time finding something useful: https://graphicriver.net/category/game-assets

thanks but i cant do it myself, so can i hire you to reskin? how much will it be?

Sorry but I’m too busy with other work these days, I don’t have time to reskin games for customers.

hi i need some customization like if i want to attach this app with some real coin like crypto coin so when ever user earn coin in game can transfer it to that coin wallet and he can pay also using coin wallet

Hi, you should examine possible solutions available for Corona SDK as plugins. If there’s something that suits your needs it wouldn’t be so hard to customize. Check coronalabs.com

What does this mean: buy something for real money? For ACHIEVEMENTS. Thanks.

It means player must buy coins pack or remove ads to unlock that achievement

I bought it due to study of IAP of android. But it’s difference with DEMO APP and it’s not included in project. Could you help to provide me the same project file with Google Play store?

I you read item description you should see that selling game or using IAP requires extended license. Therefore I won’t provide additional support if you don’t comply with the conditions, sorry.


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i want to translate it into russian, but when i use cirilic symbols in main.lua it crashes

Hi, you should add each character to ‘Images/chars’ folder and modify text.lua – add lines for each character same way as I did with some characters starting from line 30 in text.lua. Hope this helps.


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Hello, I have problems with IAP. User buys coins pack and I get the money but he gets ‘transaction failed’ and doesn’t get his coins

Hi there is this an android studio project? thanks !

Awsome work mate , wish you good luck

Hello, which platform can I edit it? Unity, Android Studio, Eclipse …

Hi, could you help me make the graphics for this game? And tell me how much the cost would be

Hello, I saw that you used the corona sdk version 2015.2731, its me buy it and it is open in a current version of the corona it picks up?


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when i put Admob-id I get error and the game doesn’t work ??

how can i fix it ?

Hi, Admob plugin seems to be outdated and no more supported. Please change all instances of admob to appodeal which supports admob mediation. https://docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/appodeal/index.html