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I wish you all the best for your sales

Thank you very much.

This was good game but if you really want to make a game who you can sell really good.

You have to add to your games the following:

1- Add different characters and backgrounds 2- Add reward video or when you die you get popup save me.

If you do this you will see how people gonna to buy your games and you EARN MONEY.


Thanks for your suggestion, We’ll see about that. :)

Hi can i open this project in xcode, have you got any tutorials or any videos because your documentation is not clear

No problem.

hi after all the changes finlay am not able to see any video adverts, its only showing admob banner only. which Monetise site belongs to that video adverts. thanks

ThirdpartyInterface::showSmartVideo(); Call this function. And make sure sure you have put in corrent ids for Vungle and adcolony.

Please release the android version

The project has android version too. :)

OK thank you. I will purchase

hi, i don’t see ThirdPartyConfig.h in the ThirdParty folder?

never mind I founded under classes, what about the bottom left numbers used for testing how do I remove it? Thanks

You have to make id for every ad network you want to use like Admob, Appovin, Adcolony etc and replace current ids with your ids. Same goes to GPS and Appirator ids.

It has cocos2d-x version 3.81 and not 3.9 as advertised. please update the code for 3.9 and let me know. Thanks

When I run “cocos run -p android”, i receive the following error BUILD FAILED /android-sdk/tools/ant/build.xml:459: ../cocos2d/cocos/platform/android/java/libs/facebook_lib/ resolve to a path with no project.properties file for project /LetSkiEscapte/proj.android


You need to import GPS, Appirator agains

Admob Interstitial ads not working? created imputed the ids for both but only the banner works

We’ve used Applovin, and chartboost for interstitial ads.

hi, what programs do i need to edit this game template? thanks.

Hi in android (eclips) the game not working when i run its keep coming google play game service connection and once choose the account then closing itself. any solution ?

I did and replied you too :)

Hi ignore all the recent emails, now everything working fine both ios and android, thank you for your support, good luck for your further sales

That’s great to know. Dont forget to review our product.

Whats new in the update? Thanks.

Updated to cocos 3.9.

Hi where to edit in-app-purchase id for remove adds

ThirdPartyConfig.h and sdkbox jason file.

Hi, When I run “cocos run -p android—android -studio—ap23”, i receive the following error BUILD FAILED /android-sdk/tools/ant/build.xml:459: ../cocos2d/cocos/platform/android/java/libs/facebook_lib/ resolve to a path with no project.properties file for project /LetSkiEscapte/proj.android.studio

How can i import gps, appirator, Facebook for Android Studio?

I cannot see Facebook lib folder in your LetSkiEscape project. Please check your project and add facebook folder, thank you.


I get it. Give me one day, I will upload an update tomorrow. Sorry man there are some files missing in update 1.1

I have uploaded the update, you will be able to download it as soon as it passes the review phase. :)

can run with IOS < 9 ?

If i buy it , would you help me in reskinning this and uploading on iOS and Android ?? send me the estimate of simple reskin on sandesh.gawai Skype id .

Hi, it come with the source files? I need to integrate my adnetwork to it, witht the SDK, is possible?

And is objective-c or swift?

It comes with the source code file and it is developed on C++ using cocos2dx libraries.


I am having problem with Chartboost ads, they are not showing up

My app is already published to app store with my correct Chartboost credentials but ads are never shown

Let me know how it is possible to fix, thanks

Let me check.

@waikikimaui just curious – is your chartboost dashboard indicating that the campaign is live? I’m wondering if because of their inventory, if it would not serve ads.

Hello, i have a new problem whenever i played the game without wifi it works fine but when i play launch the game with wifi theres an error in AppDelegate.cpp: sdkbox::IAP::init(); Thread1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=2, address=0×16fcb3fe0)