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It seems like a lot of people are asking on how to remove the plus sign and there are no specific answers, except that it’s complicated. Can you instead at least please just tell where in the code it is located, so it is possible to fiddle around with it ourselves? :) Thanks, and great that the plugin is so light.

A huge update is coming. I’m revamping the menu entirely for more compatibility, more usability and more features. Please wait.

Found it myself then. To those of people interested, to remove / fool around with other stuff than the + sign, then it is located in line 34 in the .js file.

In the new version the user can remove it with a simple “true or false”. Thanks.

Hi. There is an issue on ipad IOS 10. The Collapse Menu icon showing out on large screen (> 768px) together with the normal inline menu. Please advise on this. Thanks

Can you provide me a live preview?

Hello I have been using this for awhile now. I love it. I am having an issue with an error in the code causing something else on the site not to work ( When I contacted support on the other software, this was the answer. Any ideas what this means or how to fix?


I just visited your site and seems like you have a javascript error, not related to Mapplic, which blocks the execution of Mapplic files. Please fix it and everything will work fine again:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).jetmenu is not a function

It is this page. There is usually a map on this page, but the Mapplic person said that was the error happening. It happens in Chrome and Firefox:

Did you add some script recently?

Not that I know of. It was working for awhile and then I noticed the other day that the map doesn’t work on Chrome or Firefox. I did download the new jetmenu.js file and copy/paste that but it didn’t help.

Hello Marco, I am going to buy your beautiful menu. I read that you are going to make a huge update. Is this upcoming soon? So I can wait for this update to purchase the menu. Thank you for your kind reply and Best Regards. Filippo

Hello I post this question 1 month ago… Any news? Thanks for reply.

I’m still working on it. Thanks.

Hi, Can I show all stores without pagination?

Ops, wrong item :D Sorry

This script is using an outdated version of jquery (1.10.1). I have other scripts on my web site using a later version of jquiery and this creates a major conflict. It doesn’t make sense I have to downgrade other scripts to work with Responsive Megamenu. Do you have an idea of able to update this script to make it work with the latest version of jquiery?

Thank you.

I have sent you an email. Thanks

Thanks for the quick response, Marco. Your support is very helpful.


iamchoi Purchased

Hi, Your program is using well. Thank you. One thing I wonder. Can I pin menus to the top on mobile?

Does the script use cookies?

Absolutely not.

hello, does it have sticky menu function?

I’ve been using this menu for quite a while but in working with accessibility, Currently having issues with the tab order. It tabs through the main menu backwards from how it supposed to. Any ideas?