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How easy is it to reskin? What images can be changed?

It’s very easy, you need change images in xcasets file. Game have documentation, it has information about reskin.

Jelly doesn’t behave like that when dropped…

It will be very difficult to play. But they can become springing if you change just one parameter.

scales poorly for iPad with item drop too close to the ones already on screen. Also, once you pass more than 3 dropped items, if you tap the screen fast enough the game carries on (iPhone and iPad) – easy to score over 100 before the game ends.

I fix it in next update

Share screen is just a black picture

I fix it in next update

Any answers at all? Share screen problems (displays black snapshot) and general game play issues

I fix it in next update

Check your mail please! Help me make it easier

See settings of game

When I tap on the Share button at the end of the game the app crashes!

Send to review fixed version

Is there a live version in the store to try?

Only video preview, sorry

Questions :

1. How can I increase total number of jelly types. Currently there are 3 types. Say I want to have 10 types. How do I do that ? 2. I dont want the jelly to shake when dropped. How do I stop the shaking effect ? 3. How do I change the fonts for menu text, scores etc ? 4. When pressed over a button, the icon image is gone and white circle stays in background. This effect is there for all buttons. I dont want this white circle effect after button press. How do I remove it. 5. If I want to do something after a successful jelly drop where should I do it in the code ?

I have purchased the code. Answers to the above questions will be much appreciated.


1. See Jelly class func getRandomTexture() 2. See also see jelly class in func setPhysicBody, remove code after comment 3. See GlobalSetting.swift, it have value «fontNameInGame», change it 4. You need change pressed Images, see it in images xcasets. 5. See endGame func in GameScene

Also see readMe file, it have link to documentation.


Hi, Can I buy now this one? Is there any bug or Xcode version problem?

Yes, you can buy it. All it’s work)