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cpndgn Purchased

I can’t preview the demos, it shows me this error when I click on preview demos,

“Not Found

The requested URL /plugin/vc_post_layout/home-large/ was not found on this server.”

sorry for that we just move server and it will be back in 30min


cpndgn Purchased

thank you now I see them, they look wonderful, I’m going to buy it soon.

thanks you so much

Is there a way to hide the author while still displaying the date?

yes can just add this line code to CSS file .jelly_post_display_main_wrapper .jelly_post_meta .jelly_post_author{display: none;}

Perfect, thank you!

Hi Jelly. Im looking for a plugin that will help me design the way that we display certain custom post pages as well as widgets etc around them. Basically a “write page” and then whenever a custom post of a certain type is displayed, it renders using that layout.

Is that what this plugin can do? Thank you for your help.

this is my plugin too: it support widget too

Hi Team. I have some small queries. I’m using this plugins to present my custom post type in one of my website page. The features and look and feel is really awesome, Kudos to your team. Just wondering, is there anyway I can add my custom post type post_meta field to be displayed in the grid listing? For example, I’ve create custom post type called “Events” and I want to show the event date(which is a custom meta field) below the title. I could not find any documentation to do this. Any assist will be much appreciated. Cheers.

Hi. what do you mean by field like wordpress post? I have created new field in my CPT called event_date. CAn i display that field in the grid listing, below the title?

i mean title, date post, description field

Oh. Means I can’t display my custom field in the grid? How bad was that ;(

Is there a way to display the categories while using the ‘main post with list below’ module, but not allow the categories to be clickable?

sorry our plugin don’t have this option.

Hello ! Very great work ;-) . But I think there’s something wrong: Based on your demo page, each type (slider, grid, carousel etc.) has several variations (e.g. Demo carousel 1, 2…9 ) but in your tutorial video here: , there’s no options to switch between the different variations. How to change between the 9 different variations of Carousel for example, please ?

Hello Jellywp ~ Did you get a chance to check my question above please ? Thank you in advance ~

Hello I have a problem with the plugin. When I use “Grid 3 columns post”, in a particular category it looks like this:

blank space, please help me.

please give me your website link and admin account to for check it.


MWPRESS Purchased

i buy regular license, but i love it.. now, im developing one theme can i buy extended version and modify style css and change your logo to implement in my future theme developed ?

sure you can.

Can you add a Toggle for the 5 Post Grid to enable the Large/Main Post to Float Right? I can do this with CSS, but it would be nice to have a Check Box or Toggle in the Settings. Thanks

sorry our plugin have only post layout, not with Toggle

Hello! Demo page not working and no updates since 2016?

Hi we just update our server not it work fine please check again.

Any option for size of Excerpt in the display. I want to control the flow and fill of the Post Display on my page. Any way option on the size of thumbnails?

for size of Excerpt and thumbnails we need to custom in code.

This would be a better standard Option. How how much will it cost to have done? We will have to weigh cost/benefit or shop around for another plugin. Please advise

20$ for custom it.

Hi, Im using VC Starter theme. The VC backend editor is not available for the posts when using this VC starter theme, even when having posts and pages check marked in VC settings so, will this plugin allow VC elements to be used in posts and of course give me the posts layout you are selling seen here on this page.

sure our plugin is display post and it use in VC

can i know what the different this plugin with Ultimate Post Layout Builder? I get confuse which plugin are better

Ultimate Post Layout Builder is use without use Visual Composer

Can we display a read more link after the excerpt?

sure but we need to custom some code