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Hi, Admob implemented?

Hi, Only StartApp integrated.

AdMob is integrated you can buy gamen now. Thanks.

Could you please integrate Admob?

hi guy, do you have interate Admob? if it already, please give me apk file demo?

You can download and test demo from here “https://yadi.sk/d/rjQFiP4AqQpnC”. We submit the new AdMob integrated project files it will updated soon. Thanks

AdMob is integrated you can buy gamen now. Thanks.

kolay gelsin, admob eklenimizi bekliyorum

Te?ekkürler, bu ak?am proje dosyalar?n? güncelleyece?im. 1-2 gün içerisinde Admob’lu hali ile güncelleme onaylan?r.

AdMob entegre edilmi?tir oyunu sat?n alabilrisiniz. Te?ekkürler.

Hi, interested in Admob version too. Can I change the skin (background, jelly and other unlockable items for cartoon characters) easily?

Hi, Yes, you can reskin easily. Documentation file in Project folder. If you have any problem with game contact via bilkobilisim@gmail.com. Game update within 1-2 days with admob version.

Hi, I have problem with game. Please contact me.

I can’t turn off music and sound, please help. I think this is a bug

Hi, We will testing project for this issue and fix soon. Thanks.

Hi, We are fix bug and upload new source files it’s will updated soon, Thanks for purchase.

Good job

I have bought but game can’t run on Unity.

ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index System.Collections.Generic.List`1[UnityEngine.GameObject].get_Item (Int32 index) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono-runtime-and-classlibs/build/mcs/class/corlib/System.Collections.Generic/List.cs:633) chosenChracter.Start () (at Assets/Scripts/chosenChracter.cs:49)

Hi, We are check for you error and can’t see any problem. In the original source code no script with name “chosenCharacter.cs” you can check. If you are edit the original source code, You can send your project files so we can check for the problem.

Dear Team, everytime when i push reload game button google play service want to login again, OpenURL button and open Leaderboard not working

We updated the project. Update confirm in a few days.

THX Bugs Fixed

We are thanks you for purchase.

Hi how to change characterPrice ?

can you help me to integrate Stratapp and show interstidal ads by roundrobin?

We have an StartAp version of game with interstitial entegradet if you want we can send it to you over mail.

yes please send to appstore@itspace.co

Hi, How to suspend the game when an incoming call is recived?

game sound is overlap call

In unity3D actually you can’t detect incoming calls. You can detect when switch to other app or overlap game with other application and you detect this changes with “OnApplicationPause”. So if this “call popup” you told is not overlap the game you can’t detect anything and game will continue.

ok THX

I have found this script and I am going to launch this game very soon, I have a concern that How can I change the cube into sphere just for little difference ?

Hi, Inside the project files you can find editable .blend files. You can open this files with Blender 3D and edit or you can examine this examples to create new models. After that you can import this models into unity and add scripts and other elements to make character work (You can examine characters in unity project for this). Also you can download project from this video and examine models and scripts. Thanks for purchase, If you have any questions you can contact with us over bilkobilisim@gmail.com or live:bilkobilisim(Skype).

How can I run the app in iOS? I exported the unity project to xcode but the code doesn’t work in xcode