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Very addictive game! :)

thank you~!

You may want to put something in that detects when cookies are blocked. I have a firefox extension that blocks cookies by default and the game never would show the jellys until after I enabled them and refresh the page.

Also, is it easy enough to show a sponsor before the game shows the play button. Basically a linkable image that displays for 5 or 10 seconds? Maybe you can add this so that the template sponsor can just be changed or removed by buyers?

thx for advice ,i will try

Your games are geting more polished each time. Keep the nice work!

thank you

Hey, I need to edit the game adding buttons like “More Games”, etc. Could you give the font of the text buttons and their vector files?

ok, i will upload a new version

Game have bug, its not auto blast jellies.. even they have matched rows. this sucks.. repair it

is not bug ,just design,later i will add a auto blast game or version.

the game amundem pay to make changes and make this my personal app I begged you to tell him what to do undem kethma email reply samir_rimas@live.com

ok,i send you mail.

Nice game. Well done. Good luck with sales :)

thank you!very much~

I noticed on the demo when I just move a jelly and there are no same colors around, it still scores as if there was a match. Has the .capx file been updated to reflect the correct matches?

it just design,i will make a new game like you say.

How I can enable sound for mobile device. Thanks

I just bought your source code, please add me on Skype, I need to make a small adjustment, I am also programmer Construct 2, and I have a proposal … my skype studio.play3

I need your help friend ..

I also work with construct 2 .. see http://playfoxapps.com

I bought your game blocks, but … I like that instead of dragging to destroy, it was destroyed when it is combined play, tell me where you mute the line, or you can send me this change … please. ..

ok,i will make a new destroyed game

Has a fix been made for this for difficulty. Currently if you move the jellies in any direction, it still scores.

not work in mobile like iphone

Can you make horizontal version?

hi this is a different game design.so…

hi can we not add a feature which makes people sign up and sign in to play it and they can always see their top score

hi this feature need server and php file.

hello does this game uses Array?

Hi! I want to know what kind behaviours I can add using only the material you provided. Can I add more logic? (new splash bubbles, etc) Or I need to buy and use Scirra Construct2 for add that new elements?