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Hello rezoner!

It’s amazing how easy to install your script is. I had it installed even before reading your manual.

Can I change the starting position of the snow? I’m using it in a div (height:300px), but the snow starts falling from the middle of the div. So its animation ends before reaching the bottom of the div.


Hi Paul. Thanks for comment and purchase. To solve the problem you will have to edit jeffects script.

Find definition of function bubbles. Then goto line

var y = $o.offset().top + $o.height() / 2;

Edit it to

var y = $o.offset().top + $o.height() / 2 + data.offsetY;

Now go back to the top of the script and look for var defaults = {.... Find snow and add property offsetY : 0

Now you can use snow like that $(“selector”).jEffects(“snow”, { offsetY: 200 })

Anyway. If you are not too familiar with javascript or this solution isn’t working send me an email ( I am sure it’s in documentation or my website ) and I will reply you with modified script.

Cheers :)

Great. Thanks for your support and your time. The snow now is working as desired.

I have two similar questions: how can I control the starting position of each effect? and can the size of the particles be increased?

Thanks! :)

Size of particle is basically font-size of class jEffects-particle in CSS

As for the positioning – currently there is no feature like that, but I think It will be good idea if I will add it in next version.

Great thing! Bookmarked and will purchase soon – when I think out where to use this :)

Must Buy! Wonderful Product and Author is fabulous to work with. Very simple to incorporate.

Would this work with our wordpress powered website?

It works with any kind of website, you just have to mount it properly :)

It’s a jQuery plugin so you will need a programmer who will apply it.

Hey there,. i just checked the live preview and i must say im amazed on how original and good looking your script is. Grats!

Very nice and very very simple to use, Must Buy :) i do not have any web site, but i like this, many thank rezoner and good luck.

Hi. I just purchased this and I’m trying to read the documentation but the main index.html file inside the documentation folder is bringing up nothing but lorem ipsum.

I am trying to install this on a WP site – and I need to be able to look at the documentation you created please.

Cool job. I love it. Add to bookmarks. Keep it up! :inlove:

I cannot get these JQuerry effects to work.

followed the instructions in the “Getting Started” section of the documentation, but the test code fails to perform the effects.

Also, this breaks the LayerSlider for WP.

Hey – send me an email if you haven’t fixed it out yet.

It doesn’t make much sense on ipad as it relies on mousemove mainly

doesn’t work anymore with jquery-1.10.2.min.js and jquery-1.9.1.min.js. Will you update it in the future? Thanks!

even the original version of jquery in his example did not work for me already sent him an email yesterday with details, awaiting to hear back from the author