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Script timing out.

any chance you can add support for MS SQL Server????

I’m not familiar with it. If you can convert the server side coding I might include it in the next version.

Hi, Appsandsites..

Do you mean that with this plugin we can grab information from a database and then display the information in table format inside HTML page on our site? Does jDatabase comes with .CSS to style the appearance of the table?


Regards, Candeed.

Yes, that’s exactly what it does and it has a style sheet you can customize.

Very nice script! But would this expose my database structure?

If you are asking this question you already know the answer. Yes, it does, this was intended for simple websites, if you have sensitive data and your website is not injection proof then you shouldn’t use this.

Hi, I have two question about your script:
  • when for example in the surename dont write anything, in the table of mysql the row will be null or empty(I know that empty and null is not the same but for example in the site will show the space in blank or hide?)
  • if the new record is already in the DB don’t make duplicated the same info?

I want to when the phone row in the form is empty when insert into the DB the code put null in it and in the site hide the row phone number I will waiting for your answer

Best Regards sorry for my bad english

The field will be empty in the database and you have to hide that row yourself.

good morning – i purchase your script yesterday. got it working but i’m unable to do any selects with WHERE – i keep getting am error when i try to execute SELECT * FROM `tournament_scores_v1` WHERE `Lastname` = “lawson”

you can see it here

please help – and thanks -


good morning.

thanks for looking at my request -

what is loaded does work.

as i wrote above:

i keep getting am error when i try to execute SELECT * FROM `tournament_scores_v1` WHERE `Lastname` = “lawson”

please try that and see it fail.

can you help me with that -

thank you -


Yep, I see it. It’s a problem with the quotes around the string, try turning magic quotes off of your server environment.

good morning – that worked!

check it out and thanks!


Does it support table join?

The only limitation is query has to be a “SELECT” query.

too bad you cant sort

I don’t know if author is still supporting, but I added my config.php but when I click the Run Query on index.html, nothing happens – no error, no success, nothing? How can i debug ?

I purchased yesterday…and got the same result as Makapaka (above). Please advise. Are you still supporting this app?

i want to search data by criteria in 8 fieldname simultaneously on the same tabe. below is the details. cenglish, cmathematics, cinscience,cstudies (Should filter between A-C ) egrade1,egrade2,egrade3,egrade4 (Should filter between A-D ) all in one query