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Utilizing the control, I plan to add an image and description of each widget next to the checkbox.

One option is to create a static list of each widget with a checkbox next to it. This checkbox will call the function to disable or enable the view of each widget.

Would you be able to provide a sample of this function call to a specific widget?


I cannot get this to save the positions etc to MySQL – the table is created etc but nothing gets posted. I have set the storage script option and the correct location plus added the database credentials in $(’#dashboard’).jDashboard({ but still nothing happens.

How does the script actually post the details as I cannot see any form tags? How does the _POST get filled? Is this done via JS/Ajax?

Also all the widgets are preloaded even if not displayed which is a real issue as my use case will have up to 25 widgets each with complex graphs and queries running and waiting for them all to load will really slow the page down – can this behaviour be changed so widgets only get loaded when they are active in the dashboard?


Hey this is a pretty fantastic plugin! I was wondering if you could help with a modification. I was looking and trying to figure out how replace the check boxes with buttons that say “Add to dashboard” and then a close state that says “Remove From Dashboard”. Can you offer some of your assistance with this? Thanks!

- Alex

Hi! I think that a quick workaround for a responsive version could be achieved changing the column number depending on browser size. i.e.: if window size < 320px switch to 1 column if 320px < window size < 480px switch to 2 columns if window size > 480px switch to 3 columns

Such an object could be easily used within any responsibe boilerplate/framework. This could be a nice solution for our application. Do you think it’s possible to implement?

Hi thanx for Nice work i was buy this product today and i have ready php site and i have the dashboard menue for the user now i want edit the old dashboard only but i dont know how i was read the docs thanx alots for this great products

jDashboard is terrific. Lots of possible uses.

Before I start hackle-doodling. I want to sort by categories rather than individual tabs. i.e. Toggle sets of widgets based on category assignments. I can do this via jQuery – but am hoping you might have a quick fix.

Shouting out from New Orleans.


Hi marksno,

I’m glad you find jDashboard very useful!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a quick way to accomplish this, and the sort-by-category functionality your looking for is not built in, so you will have to write it yourself.

I hope jDashboard is working well for you!



I’ve been using jDashboard for now but I’m trying to make a small modification recently.

How would I go about changing it from a 3 column layout to a 2 column layout with columns: 50/50. I’ve tried changing this:

for (var a = [], b, c = 3, d = [30, 30, 30]; c--;) b = document.createElement("div"), b.$ = f(b).addClass("jdash-column").css({

in to:

for (var a = [], b, c = 2, d = [50, 50]; c--;) b = document.createElement("div"), b.$ = f(b).addClass("jdash-column").css({

But that causes some major issues with displaying.

When I refresh and inspect element Chrome gives me this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'appendChild' of undefined

on jdashboard.min.js:24

@sarthemaker and others,

See for first steps towards making jDashboard responsive. Didn’t take too long, but it works :)

I can’t get this thing to work properly. How can I get help?

Resolving “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘appendChild’ of undefined.”

This is due to the serialize() method saving your dashboard arrangement using column indexes offset by +1. On unserialize(), though, a 0 indexed array is expected therefore your last column will never render correctly because the first column is being loaded in the second column dash.columns1 instead of dash.columns0.

The fix for this is simple: Update your serialize() method to set the first column index back to 0:

/** * transcodes the dashboard into a string for storage */ function serialize(dash) { var string = ''; var widgets = dash.$.find('.jdash-widget'); var i = widgets.length; while(i--) { // Bug fix: 0 index array, not 1! var col_index = widgets.eq(i).parent().index() - 1; string += widgets[i].id+','+ // the widgets id col_index+','+ // the column number of the widget (widgets[i].isCollapsed? '1' : '0')+','+ // is the widget collapsed (widgets[i].isRemoved? '1' : '0'); // is the widget removed if(i > 0) string += '/'; } return string; }

widgets.eq(i).parent().index() can be bugged and I do not recommend using this arbitrary setting as a means of dynamically generating and/or acquiring the column identifier into which widgets should be placed.

I’ve already been able to come up with a successful implementation to more reliably affix widgets to their columns properly involving adding attr(‘id’, ‘col_id’) within createColumns() and then saving this as the column identifier within serialize().

This is still a great plugin (and getting better), but definitely needs some further and more extensive testing.

Is anyone else having problems getting in contact with mr. sarthemaker?

I’m having problems connecting this to a database. Can anyone help me with this?

Demo link is not working

Thank you for notifying me. :) I sent in an update that should hopefully fix the issue. It should roll out within at most a few days.

Of course mate.

I know that it says jDashboard is compatible with IE7, but I cannot get it to work… It does work for all other browsers and IE versions. All of the widgets are not visible when the page renders.

Are there any tips to getting it working? Thanks!

Hi msmithcrm,

There is probably a JavaScript error that you will be able to view if you open the F12 Developer Tools in IE7. If you could send me what that error says I should be able to figure out what the issue is.



This looks really awesome plugin, I have one small question…

You mentioned earlier in the comments that : $(’#dashboard’).on(‘load’, function(){ $(’#dashboard’).find(’.jdash-widget .jdash-header’) .unbind(‘mousedown’) .unbind(‘touchstart’); }); to disable Drag and Drop for the dashboard.

But How to disable this Drag and Drop for some particular number of wizards (say they have same class ‘nodrag’)

Can this be achieved ?


Hello, nice product.

How can I build the layout using information saved in the mysql database?


How fix this error ?

Mac os 10.10 Safari


I am interested in this code so I can build menus, similar to what you have in the Wordpress admin area menu editor.

Can it be adapted for menus and adding a save feature to MySQL?

Having a lot of fun with this one… using it as a quick look dash for my members… have changed the widgets up just a bit and made all the data cal via ajax… each has their own little losing spinner… Updated storage file to PDO…

Very easy to set up and use. Clear documentation – nice clean code…


alfake Purchased

hello, can you help me convert mysql into mysqli in storage.php ?