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Hello, I bought the product and I am implementing on my website. my users table is “usuario” and does not have the field “username” is “nome”. Authentication in my system is made independently. Loading the script without logging ?? My system is bootstrap I’m having trouble implementing. can help me? speak Brazilian Portuguese?

Hello, we are discussing this over email.

hi! just a pre-sale question! So I am developing an admin panel where I have users . And I want them to be able to chat privately . I have user database as this : u_email, u_pass – which are uses to get them logged in the site. So is your chat app able to do private chat inside online users ? how do I add your system to mine ? Thanks !

Hi ! I bought this script with 1 year support. I’m waiting for some support for 7 days and I haven’t received any answer so far.

I’m trying to understand how it works by demo and I’m spending too much time on it. The “documentation” is poor and you have to dive deep into the demo and core scripts to understand them in order to just skip the login page.

As long as I could see there is no simple or easy way to use it like a plug in.

The from/to configurations for user table does not work out of the box and I had to fix many bugs in order to use it.

Well, may be I don’t have enough skill to use this script.

I regret a lot the time I spent on it.

IN TIME ! I couldn’t find a way to make it work as chat as long as the chat screen is not refreshing automatically.

Hello, your question was answered over email, please keep the support there so we can keep track of it.