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Awesome work! :)

Cheers, Thanks diank123

Hi, nice work. I think this is very important feature that Woo does not have by default. But what about this plugin?


What is the difference between your plugin with this free one?

Hi, I have not installed their plugin, but just had a quick browse around its code.

Our Set Your Price plugin works with simple and variable products, and can be enabled on a per variation/product basis giving you the options to set the minimum and recommended price.

It has a custom report section built in allowing you to query between two date ranges, showing information on how many sales and what the information about the sales so you can evaluate your pricing options which can be seen here: http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/10028616-jc-woocommerce-set-your-price?index=4&url_name=jc-woocommerce-set-your-price.

The plugin on wordpress.org looks like it only works with simple products and has no custom reporting

Hope this is useful


P.s. If you are looking to allow customers to add donations to the checkout and cart process try out our woocommerce cart and checkout donation plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/jc-woocommerce-cart-and-checkout-donations/9740645

Hi James,

So we can say: Reporting and working with variable products features are the differences. Nice work. Thank you.


Can you send me a woo system report to support@jclabs.co.uk so i can see which plugins may be conflicting.

i have sent you a e-mail from

any update?

Is this working with Wordpress 4.2.X?

Hi, I have just double checked and updated local to latest version of WP and WooCommerce, i was more worried about the latest attribute editing update to Woo as Wordpress updates dont really effect my plugin as much as Woo Updates do, but it all seems to work correctly.


I keep getting “Please enter a valid amount”

Is it possible for you to put up that test product again?

yeah sure

Sorry, my client could not wait any longer. Issue fixed by using another plugin. thanks anyways.

Hi James,

Got the plugin working and set up but even though I have minimum price set – and no matter what I change – the cart price is 0 and I keep getting message “Pay for Your Goods & Services has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance.”

This is the product page:


When I disable your plugin cart and prices work as normal.

Can you advise?

Thanks vm.


Hi Marie, Thanks for getting in touch about this issue, it seems to be an issue caused by the latest version of WC.

Can you send me a private message from my profile so that i can send you an updated version of the plugin to see if it fixes your issue.

Cheers James

Hi there – this plugin seems to have stopped working since WooCommerce 2.4.6. When I add the ‘Set your price’ product to the basket it says it works but when I then go to the basket it gets removed again.

I believe that since the update Woo is no longer recognising the price. If you uncheck ‘Set your price’, set a price and then RESET ‘set your price’ it adds to basket, but uses the fixed price, not the user’s variable price.

Hi, Thanks for letting me know, this issue has been previously fixed and a update is pending review before it is available

Thanks James

Hi. I am testing the plugin for selling digital images, and am receiving $0 on the cart page after nominating an amount. I am on WordPress 4.3 and 0.2.3 for the plugin. I tested on the standard 2015 theme and Avada. I tried disabling all plugins. I tried setting a minimum price of 20 cents in both the standard price, and the plugin price, but still get $0 on the cart and checkout pages. Have you come across this before, and any suggestions I can commence looking at this. Many Thanks. Laurie Shaw

Sorry – just saw the above comments. Would a fix be available? I have plenty of time however before making my site live. Cheers.

Hi, At the moment you can download the latest version 0.2.4 from codecanyon which should fix your issue. I am currently updating the update api so the automatic updates are disabled at the moment via the wordpress admin.

Cheers James

Hi, does this plugin support woocommerce subscriptions?

Hi, This plugin has not been tested with a woocommerce subscriptions plugin, which one are you on about?


hello, i’m trying to edit labels, but i can’t find the option to do so under woocommerce->set your price.

Hi, Do you have the “Enable Label Override” checkbox checked? (if this is checked there should be a new tab that appears above the title general settings called labels)?

If not can you send me a message via the contact from from my profile with an image of what you are seeing, and i will try and solve this issue.


thank you very much!

Hi, it works beutyfull :) however, i cant translate it with Loco Translation Manager. Could you advice me how to translate the plugin ? Kind regards Peter

Hi, what part of the plugin are you trying to translate, admin or front end?


I think I got i working then, but now after a fresh install I cant translate the plugin again. What should I name the PO/MO files ? Right now the name is: jc-woocommerce-set-your-price-da_DK.mo

When I set up a variable product I check the “set your price” box. Once I hit “save changes” and the page refreshes the “set your price” box is no longer checked. When I go to the product page there is no option to enter a price. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not seeing any errors anywhere when saving or editing the product

It doesn’t even show an input box on the product screen.

Hi, Can you pm via my profile and i can send you an updated version that may fix the issue.


Works this plugin with wordpress 4.4.2 & woocommerce 2.5.2

Hi, sorry for the long delay in getting back to you, yes this plugin works with the latest versions of WC and WP.


The latest update (0.2.5) seems to break the cart. When I add any product with Set Your Price to the cart, it immediately gets deleted from the cart on the next page view, regardless if it’s the checkout or another product page. I get the message:

“Product XYZ” has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance.”

I reverted to JC WooCommerce Set Your Price 0.2.4 and the problem is resolved.

WP 4.4.2 and WooCommerce 2.5.5

This plugin still conflicts with my Woocommerce setup. My config uses:

WP 4.5.2 JC WooCommerce Set Your Price 0.2.5 Woocommerce 2.5.5 WooCommerce Authorize.net AIM Gateway 3.5.1

I’ve deactivated all other WooCommerce extensions and managed to isolate the problem to these plugins. I suspect it only the Authorize.net gateway. It continues to dump any product added to the cart.

Oddly, JC WooCommerce Set Your Price version 0.2.4 works fine. The update 0.2.5 crashes the cart.


I have just tested it with WP 4.5.2 and Woo 2.5.5 and it seems to be working, could you email me at support@jclabs.co.uk to discuss this further.


Hi, is this compatible with woocommerce 2.6 and wordpress 4.5.2

Hi, this plugin works with woo 2.6 and wp 4.5


Thank you.

Two questions: 1.) Can I use this with virtual/downloadable products? 2.) Can I leave the minimum amount completely off the page? Or do I have to enter something, like $0?

Does it works for Version 4.6.1?

Hi as far as i know the plugin works with WP 4.6.1 and WC 2.6.7


Thanks James!

Hello, how can I change the font please ?

No need to answer to my question, I have find the way. Sorry. Good plug !

Hi, good to hear you found out how to solve your issue, the fonts that are displayed will be handled by your theme and not the plugin.


Hello. Thanks for the plugin. I was wondering if there was a way to change the price display to show a range of the minimum and maximum for name your price. Currently a NYP product has a minimum of $1.00 and a suggested of $4.00, but the product list pages show it as $4.00. Showing the range would make it more consistent with other variable products on my site, and I think it would encourage more clicks through to the product page. Thanks for considering.

Hi, you should be able to alter the price displayed for products by using a woocommerce filter “woocommerce_get_price_html” , if you need help with this please contact us via our support system at https://jclabs.ticksy.com as we are no longer supporting plugins via this comment system.

Cheers James

Thanks. My techie helper was able to get it done based on that info.

Cheers, glad you managed it, If you need anymore help just let me know.