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kiwio Purchased

Is it possible to add pickup choice with dpd plugin on step “shipping” ?

Hi if your current checkout displays the dpd pickup choice, then you should be able to display it on the shipping step. Some more information on the settings available can be found here: https://www.jclabs.co.uk/docs/jcmc/plugin-settings/

Hope this helps James

RTL support ?

Hi, sorry for the delay, RTL is not currently supported as it was a feature that has been overlooked but shouldnt take me much time to implement.

Thanks for reminding me about this.

Cheers James

loved using the milti step check out with paypal, now that we’ve switched to square / amazon payments, we are unable to accept any payments with this plugin enabled. help me obiwan kenobi, you’re my only hope for an awesome checkout page.

this is the error we are getting:

Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [category] => INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR [code] => NOT_FOUND [detail] => Resource not found. [field] => card_nonce ) )

Hi, we are no longer supporting plugins via the comment system, could you please submit a ticket on our support system: https://jclabs.ticksy.com with a copy of your woocommerce system report as this will give us an idea of the plugins you are using to help narrow down and create a suitable fix.

Cheers James


kiwio Purchased

Hi, when the command page is loaded, there is a latency of 1 small second where one briefly sees the original order page of woocommerce before that appears of the plugin. Is it possible to delete this brief appearance? Thanks

Hi Kiwio,

The flash is due to the loading of javascript, as this plugin is built to fall back to the default WooCommerce checkout page if the browser doesn’t support it.

Are you able to send me a woocommerce system report and a public link to your website at https://jclabs.ticksy.com/ so i can have a look at your checkout?

You should be able to hide the checkout with css by default and once the page loads make it visible. If you need help doing this let me know and i can help you out.

Can you please reply via our support system as we are no longer supporting the plugin via cc comments.

Cheers James

Please check my ticket: #1067777 Thanks

Hi. How is issue going on? I did not hear any support yet. Thanks

Hi Julia, your ticket is a queue and we will update you once we have a solution to your delayed loading issue



2h1n846 Purchased

Hi James, Can you tell me why I can’t see any error message on checkout page when clicking on place order without filling all the fields ?

Hi, we are no longer offering support via envato comments, could you please raise a ticket at https://jclabs.ticksy.com/ with a link to your checkout where you are having these issues.

If you could also attach a copy of your woocommerce system report

Cheers James


2h1n846 Purchased

Thanks James. Ticket Submitted.

If I add an additional section to the checkout, will it be automatically added to the multistep process?

The answer is yes. For anyone wondering, you must follow the same HTML markup and the script will automatically create the additional step.

Here’s an example gist: https://gist.github.com/helgatheviking/c54b5b40c0b3ce07c7784cdd19c044f3

Nice! glad you managed to come up with a solution



zaffarn Purchased


Can you please confirm if the plugin is compatible with postcode/address verify plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/postcodeaddress-validation/



I am unable to confirm that this works as i have not tried, if you come across an issue, just let me know via our support system (https://jclabs.ticksy.com/) and i will do my best to sort it if possible.


I Have a problem with the after pay page. (If you want to let the costumer pay from the e-mail woo-commerce has a standaard link.)

If you look at the the order (when status waiting payment) you see at payment status the link u can share with your customer.. When you look at this page the “payment” process is made invisible. ( When I disable the plugin then it works)

1) Can the coupon section be removed/turned off (yes I know I can do this in WC settings but I want it ON in settings but NOT displayed during checkout) 2) Does it incorporate with Google Map’s API for address auto-fill? 3) Can checkout fields be customized (for example, turning off the country selection)? 4) Does the plugin prevent a user from going to the next step if the require field(s) aren’t completed? 5) are the fields properly made so that on mobile the proper keyboards show up (number pad for zip code field, etc)?

Pre-Sale Question:

Is it possible to only have 2 steps? Step #1 would require them to login or enter an email address/password to create an account. Step #2 would then request the rest of the order information.

Hi, sorry for the delay, if you are still looking for the answer, yes you can add a login form/ register form on the first step and then all the other information behiend it once they have logged in or registered, a guide on how to add login/registration step can be found in the documentation, if you get stuck just let me know and ill do my best to help.


Hi – Im looking for a multistep checkout that will work with latest WP and Woocomerce and Galaxy Funder plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/galaxy-funder-woocommerce-crowdfunding-system/7360954

I have already tried one plugin and when it was activated the final buy now button stopped doing anything. Also it was not recognising correctly entered email addresses as being valid email addresses.

If you are willing to fix for me (or refund) if there is a conflict with Galaxy Funder then I will go ahead and purchase and try it out.

Thanks – Dan V

Do you have a timeline for adding support for Woocommerce 3.0?

Thanks, Rob

Hi, our multi step checkout is WC 3 ready, i just didnt notice that codecanyon have added the WC 3 support flat.


Great news. Thanks James.

Hello JCollings,

Very interested in your plugin, one quick question. . . is it compatible with https://www.themehigh.com/product/woocommerce-checkout-field-editor-pro?

Thank you for the support :) -Luke

Great! I feel like your plugin will serve our needs best:
  • Custom checkout breadcrumb names and css
  • The ability to add new checkout steps
  • The new checkout steps and existing steps can be reorganized.
  • The added new steps can also contain custom content
  • The custom content will be saved in the customer’s order details as well as store admin details.

Let me know if anything listed above is not true :) Thanks again! Luke

This checkout step plugin is a skin for your checkout allowing you to create steps from your current checkout, you can create custom sections e.g. login/register form, coupon forms. (documentation found here: https://www.jclabs.co.uk/plugin-documentation/) , for adding custom fields and custom order information this will be handled outwith the plugin for example using that plugin you previously mentioned.

You can reorganise the contents of the checkout, but i would recommend having the payment details on the last step.


Great news! Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to getting things going :)

Hi jcollings ,

I have a question , Can we define different shipping methods in this plugin ? For example I want define bike delivery method or by plane method ( that send more faster to user ) or free method for some of the cities , .... . Then user According to place select one of them . This plugin can do it ?


The shipping methods would be handled via woocommerce itself and not this multistep plugin.


Ok , Thanks James .

Hi, really glad to find your plugin!! 1) Saves each step via Ajax 2) We can add custom steps

On that note, if we add new steps, will those steps save via Ajax on completion?

I ask this because we are building a highly customized checkout process with added fields, forms ext (I’m guessing your plugin allows us to add forms ext?). When a user enters info into the added forms, we would like them to be added to the order info via Ajax.

Crossing my fingers this is true because we have spent a lot of time on another multistep checkout plugin, which unfortunately cannot provide us what we need.

Thank you for your support! -Luke

Hi Luke,

Sorry i have been away on holiday for the past 2 weeks.

You are not going to like this answer, but down to the way woocommerce works the order is created only when all parts are have valid data, meaning that saving each step via AJAX is not an option.

You could possible use a javascript trigger to detect when the user progresses onto the next step and submit that data via AJAX, but this would have to be stored outside of the WooCommerce order section, maybe in a private custom post type, and once the order has been created then adding a flag to the custom post type entry.

What type of forms are you wanting to add to the checkout?


Hi James, hope you had a great holiday :) Thanks for getting back to us!

That would be very useful if it did save via ajax, but the Javascript trigger you mention seems viable. Maybe you know a link to guide me further?

Here is a look at what we are trying to achieve. In this shot we would want to display the Pickup Person name on the confirmation page. This is just a simple form.

Thanks again for getting back to me. I hope your vacation was relaxing :) Luke

Hello, is it possible to start with the cart content, and later in the process to have a step ’’review order ’’ before the paiement step?

Hi Arkhame,

Sorry for the delay in getting to you. Yes you should be able to add a custom checkout step at the start of the checkout that shows the cart, a guide on how to add custom steps and other documentation can be found online here: https://www.jclabs.co.uk/plugin-documentation/

We are no longer using the comment system to support this product, could you please use our ticket system here: https://jclabs.ticksy.com/


Hi. Can the Payment Step be before billing? And a register step before paying? We are trying to have the steps 1) Register (minimal field, email, password), then 2) Pay, then 3) Billing fields, then 4) a redirect to another plugin (I can understand if the redirect at the end is outside the scope of this plugin). We want to streamline registration, to prevent people being put off by billing. We can collect a lot of registrations so we can follow up with those who did not purchase. Thanks

Hello. I need change the Background steps for images background, Its possible? Thank You


Did you manage to change the background steps for the images? this should be possible, if you need help let me know.



rafabiton Purchased

Yes, I change It on Js file….. Thank You so much

Is it possible to create extra tabs in this checkout? Is this licence for one website or more than one?


Yes you can create custom tabs in your checkout with this plugin, the license is a single site license, more information can be found here; https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard


is it working with multisite ?