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Hi :-) Would the donations then be available as a product, so when you do a product sales report, then you can see the total donations for that month? Or do you have another way to export donation reports? Thx :-)

The donations will appear in the sales report as a donation product (whatever you have renamed the product too), which then you can export as a csv if required.


Hello, I purchased the JC woocommerce cart and checkout donations plugin and when I installed it everything looks good except I don’t have the options in settings to change the labels like it says you can do. Why do I not see the fields so we can edit what the text says and what the button says?

If you can let me know I would greatly appreciate it.


There should be a section on this in the readme file in the main plugin zip file, To do this goto the settings page for this plugin “WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout Donations” and make sure the checkbox “Enable override of text labels for donation forms” is checked.

Once saved the labels edit page will appear.


HI :-) I would like to change the background color of the entire add donation block. To a slight yellow to draw attention. Can you let me know what CSS is needed? Thx!

Thank you VERY much!!! Perfect :-) Have a great week!!! James :-)

Hi :-) Similar question,,, what CSS can change the background for the donation text at the top of the page, in Checkout?

I tried this, but it changed the donation text and the coupon text backgrounds: .woocommerce-info { background: #FFFF00; }

Thank you again for your help. James :-)

the selectors to change the checkout donation notices are:

.woocommerce-checkout #jcwd-woocommerce-info { background: red; }

.woocommerce-checkout form.jcwd-checkout-donation { background: blue; }

Hi :-) The Dollar sign is showing on top of the number field. Not in front of it. Can you tell me what CSS needs to be updated to move this back? Thx :-) J

Hi jimboinski,

Do you have a link to your website so i can have a look at the output and can provide some CSS styles custom to your theme.


Hi :-) Yes http://unlimitedtee.com

Thank you very much :-)

I would like to set a featured image on the donation product so that I don’t have a default (no featured images set) image on the cart page. Is this possible?


You should be able to find the donation product in your list of products, which you can then edit like a normal product such as the featured image.


Hi :-) I would love to add a note below the current donation text. Both in the Cart and the Checkout. “100% of all donation go to X”

Can you help with this? Thx very much :-) james

So it reads like this:

Add a donation to your order $5 or more

*100% of all donation go to X

Never mind,,, i found the place you provided to do this, THX!!!

I did not buy yet but was wondering if I can only show the donation(I will be using it as a Tip function) if the shipping method is “Delivery”. I would prefer to not show it if it is an in-store pick up. Thank you

Hello, I have this plugin one site. (It works very well.) I might add Woocommerce and donations to more sites. I am so sorry this is probably obvious, but if I use the plugin on another site do I need to purchase a 2nd license? Thank you in advance.

Hi, i just had to look at the license documentation and from what i can tell it looks like you need a license per site that the plugin is used on:


Hope this helps James

Thank you. It is a very nice plugin. I have not yet put up another site with the Woocommerce. But I hope to put this plugin on the site when I do, James.

I’ll give a quick recommendation to people to get your plugin who might see this discussion. Some people will think that a giving button or a choice to give at “Add To Cart” button is enough opportunity for people to give. Most people on my site have given by choosing to give through add to cart… or by a separate donate/give area. But people have given hundreds of dollars and perhaps over a thousand dollars through this plugin. Which means that they most likely gave as an afterthought. It’s not that they are not generous and kind people… it’s just we are all busy.. and we all have demands on us and priorities. So, the best recommendation I can give to people is that even though people can give when they download my ebooks (Add To Cart)... some don’t… but then afterwards because this button is there and they’ve had just a little more time to think about it… they give going through the checkout. That’s why you should get this plugin, folks. Thank you.

Hi :-) When i put 1 in the donation rounding,,, it shows 0.0099999999999998 as the “price”

I simply want to have it add the CENTS needed to round to the next dollar. Can you please help? Thx :-) J

Hi, could you let me know the prices of the products (the ones that are on the edit product screen for each) in your basket when you are getting that strange rounding number? As i have just tried to replicate rounding to 1 and it is giving me whole cents


Hi :-) 1.99 Thx :-)

Hi, i have tried multiple configurations with a 1.99 product and rounding up the donation, and they have all come back with 0.01.

Could you email me at support@jclabs.co.uk with your woocommerce system status report: https://docs.woothemes.com/document/understanding-the-woocommerce-system-status-report/, as this will hopefully let me create an instance that mirrors the settings you have.

cheers james

Good Evening,

i am having trouble with the donation plugin for woocommerce, i get through to the checkout and the donation says it has been added to the cart...but the donation has not been added at all....can you help?
Andy andy_baz@yahoo.co.uk

i am using the storefront theme, and have turned off all plugins apart from woocommerce and the donations plugin, and still no joy, i am even receving the the success message to say that it has been added but no donation is added.

Hi Andy, could you send me your woocommerce system reports (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/understanding-the-woocommerce-system-status-report/) and send a copy to support @jclabs.co.uk so i can create an instance that matches your wordpress, woocommerce (with a default theme) to see if i can duplicate your issue.


Hi, Is it possible that if someone adds a donation to show a gift aid declaration (UK)?

Hi, Where would you like the gift aid declaration to go? in the confirmation email, as a notification once the donation has been added ?


Hi there,

I’ve now got a few of your plugins and it would be really useful if there was a simple way of integrating say the multi-step checkout with this cart/checkout donation plugin.

To include the checkout donation nicely within the multistep I have had to add a div around the donation form with the id “cwd-checkout-donation-form” and a corresponding closing div tag of course.

And also using the following tags in the checkout steps page:


It would be great to have these able to integrate using a predefined variable such as {DONATION} without having to alter the code etc, but there is no div id surrounding the form element so without it it shows above the rest of the checkout step.

cheers, Rob

Also, is there a way of not loading this plugin if the cart discovers there is a “Name Your Price” product (from your other plugin) in the cart? I’m using the other plugin to add a variable donation style plugin for monthly/yearly donations.

I’ve temporarily added an || $_product->id == 0000 to the if statement on line 53 of jcwd-functions.php, but obviously a way of detecting this within your core code would be much better. :)

Hi Rob, i will have a look at this, it sounds like it could be sorted by creating a new section similar to: https://www.jclabs.co.uk/docs/jcmc/adding-login-form-checkout/ and displaying the donation form in this function, i will have a think about a good way to go around this.



When using the plugin to add a donation at checkout it appears to process but not amend the total and returns the donation amount back to the default figure. Could you advise on any possible reason for this happening?

Many thanks,


Hi Karl,

I have just tested the plugin with WP 4.6.1 and WooCommerce 2.6.4 and cart and checkout donations both work.

Can you send me your woocommerce system report to support@jclabs.co.uk so that i can see what plugins and theme you are using, this might give some light into the issue.

Are there any errors in your browser console log?


I cannot get the Cart Donations for to show up on my woo commerce store. All setting are correct but the form simply doesn’t show. Please advise


Hi, Can you send me a copy of your woocommerce system report to support@jclabs.co.uk so i can get a some information on your setup.

Could you also send me a public url to the website with the plugin installed and activated so i can see the issue.

cheers James


before buying i would like to know if this plugin allow this process:

- user is in product page - the product has a fixed price - user can add money by tour plugin to this price - there is a min amount to add and is required

Could you help me?


Alessandro Mazzola OGI advertising

Hi, Sorry this plugin doesnt have this feature you are looking for, this plugin adds the ability to add a donation to the cart or checkout


I have the donation rounding set to 1 and the donation comes up as 0.51999999999998 instead of .52. How can I fix that?


We are no longer offering support via code canyon comments and messages, could you please submit a ticket via our support system: https://jclabs.ticksy.com/

What price are the products in your basket?, is it a custom theme you are using? is the price appearing like that in the basket or in the input for adding the donation?

Also To help us get as much information as possible to solve the issue could you also attach your woocommerce systems report, and a publicly accessible link to your website in question.

To get your woocommerce system report: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/understanding-the-woocommerce-system-status-report/

Cheers James

Hi! The ‘£’ sign is showing on top of the number field, not in front of it. Can you please tell me what CSS needs to be updated to move this back? Many Thx.

Hi sorry i managed to let this question slip, we are no longer using the codecanyon comments for support but instead we are using our support system at https://jclabs.ticksy.com/.

Could you create a ticket and attach a copy of your woocommerce systems report https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/understanding-the-woocommerce-system-status-report/ .

The ‘£’ sign sounds like your theme is hijacking some of the plugins styles, for me to be able to fix this can you also supply a public link so i can see where the ‘£’ is and can then provide you with a solution.


Hi James, thank you for your reply. I’ve create the ticket (TICKET #985795) many thanks!