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Hi, with this plugin, would I be able to add a discount if 4 similar variations of different products are ordered? I sell products by weight (10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 750g and 1kg). I would like to add a 20% discount if somebody orders 4×250g of different products to make up a kilo. Thanks

Hi, This plugin only alters the display only of the attributes and works with the existing attributes within WooCommerce, so if your website allows you to create the type of discount you are describing, then with this plugin installed it should still work.


Hi. Can you please tell me which bulk importer plugin is able to export the swatch images? At the moment I’m using a different swatches plugin (Variation Swatches and Photos) but when I use any exporting plugin every field is exported apart from the swatch images. I want to buy your plugin but first need to know this very important detail. Thanks!

Hi, this is an aspect i have not had a chance to look at, i will try a few and let you know how i get on.



pcigna Purchased

Guys I tried to contact the support but “an unknown error as occurred”

Anyway I’m posting here:

​Hi guys,

the plugin work as expected but because of my website full of other functionalities there are some issues when I turn it on.

My main concern is because I have some “product bundle” created by the plugin “WooCommerce Product Bundles” which I use as a “Box” of pair of shoes. Anyway when I activate your plugin I have an error when I click the button “Add to basket” it returns me: ” “Box-Shoes-Test02-BLACK Carton” cannot be added to the cart. Please choose “Shoes Test02” options…” When I deactivate your plugin it works properly and I don’t want to dig into it as I have spend too many times to work on this website already.

Is there any tricks to make the following function:

If (product​_type == “bundle”){ //disable plugin } Can be either product_type or also product from a category (as my boxes are in a special categories)

I would like to realize the hook it in my function.php if possible :)

Looking forward to hear from you.



Sorry it seems that the ticksy support system i am using had some maintenance that when wrong, so they had some downtime.

I have worked out what you need to do to stop it from working on a specific woocommerce product type, if you can create a support ticket i will send you the code needed.


Does it work with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin (https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/) ?

Hi, sorry for the long delay in getting back, we are just getting back after the festive period.

we are currently unable to test compatibility with the woo subscriptions plugin, but no one has said that it doesnt work and there is no reason for conflicts if it still uses simple and variable products.

Cheers James

I am unable to configure this plugin with variable product. And in your documentation this topic is not mention clearly. Kindly suggest me how can I configure it with variable product

Hi Muniwar,

We are no longer offering support via our codecanyon comments system, but instead via our support system at: https://jclabs.ticksy.com, if you create a ticket and respond via it.

Once you have setup your attributes to be either custom text, images, or colour swatches (https://www.jclabs.co.uk/docs/jcwaa/product-attribute-images-colour-swatches/), you can then add the attributes onto your products as you normally would? (shown here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/variable-product/)

Cheers James

Hi, I want to buy your plugin but I’m kind of worrying about one problem. I have checked your documentation


and understood nothing). So I create a group of attributes on the attribute page so a group will be a taxonomy which contains terms but a group must contain attributes. So the question is, how exactly attribute group will be displayed on the frontend? Where is a title and list of attributes in that group?

Thank you.

Hi Nicontoo,

I will have a look at improving the documentation and explination of this plugin, but in the mean time:

To create grouped attribute products, you would create attributes as you would do normally (Products > Attributes) for example you would create:

Attribute Name: Size

then add the terms as normal

Attribute Terms: small, medium, large

But if you wanted to created a grouped attribute, lets say for this example we would call the group “Group One” and the attribute would be called “Colour”, you would do the following:

Attribute Name: Group One.Colour Attribute Grouped: Check the checkbox to enable grouping Attribute Custom Label: Colour

then add the terms as normal

Attribute Terms: red, green, blue

To then add another attribute to the group you would do the same again, but replace Colour with the new attribute e.g. Side:

Attribute Name: Group One.Side Attribute Grouped: Check the checkbox to enable grouping Attribute Custom Label: Side

then add the terms as normal

Attribute Terms:front, left

This would display when all attributes are added to a product:

Size: small, medium, large

Group One Colour: red, green, blue Side: front, left

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.


Thank you for a detailed answer, now it is clear.

Great plugin, but unfortunately when loading group attributes to product it only load attribute names without the value. I found that it does load values for custom attributes, but not for all the existing attributes (strange). entering all attributes as custom attributes might do the trick though…

Hi, Thanks for letting me know you are having issues with bulk loading attributes onto products.

Can you please submit a ticket to our support system at https://jclabs.ticksy.com with a copy of your woocommerce system report (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/understanding-the-woocommerce-system-status-report/) and also create a list of the attributes and some of their values which are not loading so i can try and emulate the issue.

The more information i have the better.

Cheers James

Thanks! Wrote a ticket.


I want to translate plugin to other language but I can’t do this because when I translate jcaa.pot file with Poedit software , no effect on it . please guide me to know how do it .

So Thanks

dear, i have sent you a support ticket and i got no answer for 3 days !

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to your ticket, i work through tickets in order so depending on the length of queue changes how long the wait time is… I have replied to your ticket about 10 mins ago.


Hi! I’m starting a contact lens store and looking for a plugin for woo commerce. Is it possible to make attributes like this with your plugin: http://www.visiondirect.co.uk/contact-lenses/focus-dailies-all-day-comfort

(Choose left or right eye and different power and so on)

Thanks in advance

Hi looking at the example it seems you will not be able to create this layout with the plugin, to get something as slick as that you would require someone to create it custom… there might be a plugin around that does this but i have not come across it.


Sry double post