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Hi, SSL certificate is it mandatory for J.B.Weather Widget 2.0 ?

Alright. Thank you. Please keep us informed.

The update is awaiting approval on Codecanyon. You’ll be notified when it’s approved.

Just a reminder that the update is live

I install your code, but I receive message: Unable to find location

Could you provide me with link to check it out?

Here my link:

as you can see, 1 row is correctly in Italian, next 4 days (go over with mous) are still in English where do I change settings?


Open file weather-widget-2\jbweather\xml\xml.php on line 308 replace:

           <date><![CDATA[<?php echo date('l d',$day->time); ?>]]></date>


            <date><![CDATA[<?php echo translate(date('l d',$day->time)); ?>]]></date>

Here my work: Today, we cannot see any weather icon. Yesterday and the day before it worked (it was sunny). I cannot understand what is wrong

Sorry I don’t see the problem now. Could’ve been temporary problem with the api server.

Again, same problem. Yesterday, in the afternoon, same problem. Please, can you have a look?

Looks like I’ve missed it again.

If this happen again go to,12.4158 and check if the api server is returning data

Just replace YOUR-API-KEY with your actual key

Also have you made any changes to the cache ?


murpho Purchased

RE: Purchase code: • 0d2af87e-420e-4146-8e9e-f0f7585a88c5 – 27 Sep 2016 REGULAR LICENSE


Many thanks for cool weather application. I’ve added api key [forecast] and username ‘murpho’ [geolocation] but gives error “unable to find location”.

What I am doing wrong? Hope you can help.

Kind Regards, Gerry


Could you provide me with link to the plugin check it out?

Hello, Does the plugin have the BR language? Do you have a version without PHP?


No you will have to translate it yourself. It’s PHP only.


I brought the plugin for my one website

I have set everything which required things but still it is not working. Can you please help me?

Do you any details from my side for checking?

Thanks, Arpita

Hi, I don’t seem to have problem with this page?


arpita21 Purchased


I have brought this item for my one website but it is not working in my websitte. I have set all reuqired things. Please assist me.

Thanks, Arpita