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Can visitor IP detection be disabled? I can use this software only if I can set the location using latitude and longitude.

Yes to both questions

You have to write that the api is only free to 1000 calls per day and not totally free!


We use caching for this purpose.

For example weather info for a single location will take up to 24 calls for the whole day.

Ok. Thanks for the info!! That makes things more clear. So this also works for widget one, right?

for pre-sales question: do you use for geolocation?


Unable to find location when using HTML5 Geolocation. and when i used iP Address it gives me the wrong location. and i thought this plugin is responsive. I need a responsive. Can you give me a refund for this?

Some browsers like chrome now require https protocol for the html5 geolocation to work. Is your site using https?

If you are behind proxy the ip address is different than your actual ip. Is this giving you the wrong long,lat coords when visiting ?

We never said it’s responsive.

I can give you refund if you request one. Check the envato help center.

Yes please give me a refund. Please. Thank you


pnut53 Purchased

is it possible to just have only the main section (first day) show and remove the following 4 day forecast?

so the standalone version is gone?


Yes, some of our old items are now gone and other are with lower prices because we are not going to support them in the future. Of course if you have any serious problem with our legacy items feel free to contact us.