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This is awesome. Very we’ll put together.

Hey eliaseg, Thanks :)

- Computer too dumb. Needs difficulty. - Moves should be animated to see what opponent does - Need “Backwards”-button if you did something wrong

Otherwise it is good. Improve it!!!!!!!!

Hello IzzyGames,

I discovered this game and I created this app in less than a month, I’ll certainly improve it. Thanks for your comment and for your propositions I really appreciate it, and everything you mentioned will be the first changes that I will try to add in the next update.


I would love if there is some kind of multiplayer support on it. Is it possible? I would definitely buy it then.


Hello zilveera,

Sorry for the delay, the game is not supporting the multiplayer, and I don’t intend to launch an update soon, but I’ll probably publish a better update later.


Hi, i am interested but pls answer my simple questions.

1. Can i modify game for make it responsive 2. Can i change background of screen and table 3. Can i change fonts 4. Can i change stones (stamps)

pls feel free to send me email mesutaslan@gmail.com

Thank you.

Hello kunth, you can change everything if you know how to work with Javascript but you can’t make these changes easily without changing the code yourself, Best regards

I can modify or retouch on js files if you gave them as non obusfucated.

Hey there,

We want to add animation on the game but the obfuscation is making it hard to work with.

Can we have the clean files?

Hello, sorry the source code is not included with the game it’s sold separately.

It don’t works…