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good work ;) keep it up !

Thanks EricProchnow

Great work!

Good sales! :-)

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Can we create that type of timeline using this html?


I want to remove gap between 2 stories.

please help!

Please send files at my email at here – satinder.abc@gmail.com

dear, i’m waiting for your email

Simple question. How are is date entered into the timeline?

I still have this question. How is the timeline updated? Writing directly into the html?

What kind of update do you want to make – you can write directly into HTML

Ok thank you. Just wanted to understand how a status update is created. It is created through the html. Thank you.

Great ideal…Good job


May I somehow update the timeline items via xml file? (or any better way than just change the html code?)

Hi Marc

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I haven’t added that functionality for updating via external sources


Hi Marc,

All examples have the first bubble on the left. How can I make the first bubble on the right?

Thank you

You can change the data attribute on the timeline box it has a CSS3 transform property you can modify that

I tried to, but I can’t. Can you help me with this. Thanks

Send me an email with a link to what your working i will help you