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Just wondering about sizing.. can I make it what ever height and width that I want?

Yes, however, the height changes dynamically to fit the content. As an example, the following sample is using a div that is 400px wide and 400px high. The width fills out to the full 400px but you can see how the height of the poll does not fill the full 400px of the div container…

Are there any other template other than the default ?

There are 5 CSS skins that come with the package, (blue, dark, green, grey, purple) that will change the colors and images used by the poll widget. The screenshots show the appearance of each skin.

The skin can be selected by editing the jaxpoll/jaxpollsettings.js file and modifying the jaxSkin value.

As far as the HTML layout of the widget, there are no other templates besides the default templates in the templates/ directory.

Hi, can I change the number of votes for every option on the poll ?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is yes but with a measure of difficulty.

The administration page does not provide the capability of setting the poll results manually. Manipulating the poll results is theoretically possible but would require manually editing the JSON results file for a poll or writing a custom PHP script that uses the JaxPoll PHP class to insert responses.

Each poll has a results file saved in the jaxpoll/json/ path with a filename based on the poll ID. I.E. jaxpoll/json/jaxresults_51bfbc609721e.json.

This results file does not contain totals for each poll question, it contains a record of each individual poll response. The totals displayed in the poll are always recalculated from the list of responses each time the poll results are displayed.

Manually editing the JSON results files for the polls is possible but not something I would recommend as you would risk damaging the JSON string in a way that makes it no longer recognizable as JSON thus breaking the poll.

If you were trying to import results from some other polling application into a JaxPoll then the poll responses could be added to a poll programatically using a custom PHP script that calls the JaxPoll::answerPoll() function to add a response into a JaxPoll for each response from the source poll.


Awesome script, easy to implement and very pretty to look at … thanks :)


Ohhh btw, it can be found working here …

Thanks for the purchase and feedback.

I am thinking of purchasing your poll script but I wanted to test out a poll snippet on my website to insure that the poll will show up since I have to paste the html code directly into a widget box. Can you provide a full snippet code for me to try out on my website? I tried to use the snippet code from the demo but I didn’t know what to enter for the full url.. Thanks!

Thank you very much, I did get sidetracked. I may take a crack at implementing and if I run into a problem considering I have to work with widget boxes then I may enlist your services. Thanks for the excellent customer support!!!

No problem. If you go the automated route using PHP then you will find that I documented all the functions in the source code. You can get a good idea on how to use the JaxPoll class by reviewing the comments in the jaxpoll/class/JaxPoll.php class file and by reviewing the comments and code in the administration script in jaxpoll/jaxadmin.php

More than likely I will have to try and go the manual route due to the limitations of my CMS template only allowing html via widget boxes and iframes, direct php wont work for me as far as I know..


Nice script, after I vote the box increases in height, how would I make a flexible box?

At the moment after voting the poll box covers content below it…

Oh you can’t have multiple polls on 1 page?

The poll widget will adjust the height to fit the questions and responses. This may cause other elements in your page to shift depending on how you have your page layout and CSS. If you are experiencing this on your site then I would suggest using an additional wrapper around the widget DIV tag with a fixed height to fit the maximum height of the poll widget.

The widget was designed to make implementation as simple as possible which unfortunately made multiple polls on one page a difficult proposition. What you can do is create a simple page for each individual poll and then load them into your main page via iframe tags.

If you provide an URL to the page you are working on then I can provide more detailed recommendations.

Hello, I hope things are going good.. I wanted to know how to enlarge the fonts for the polls, is it thru css?.. Please follow up and advise… Thank you!

For the iframe in the page I would suggest something like the following…

<iframe name=”pollframe” id=”pollframe” src=”” frameborder=”0” border=”0” cellspacing=”0” style=”border-style: none; width: 200px; height: 250px;”></iframe>

You then need to create an HTML page pollpage.html where it will be accessible using that URL in the iframe. Inside this HTML page you would have something like the following…

<!DOCTYPE html>

<head> <meta charset=”utf-8” /> <title></title> </head>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jaxpoll/jaxpoll.js”></script>

Note that the <script> tag in this example must have a src=”” value that points to your jaxpoll.js so you may need to adjust the value.

If you have trouble getting it to work then post an URL I can look at and I can provide some suggestions.

Ok Great; I’ll give the code a try and let you know how it turns out..

Just wanted to let you know that the poll is working great as is in Wordpress without needing to iframe it. Great script!

Does anyone know if it is possible to run jaxchat and jaxpoll on the same webpage? I am getting an “Unknown command!” error in the jaxchat screen. It appears to be an ajax command that isn’t recognized.

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately the two Jax scripts cannot run in the same page unless one is running via an iframe. There are multiple conflicts in variables and methods due to the fact that both scripts were developed from the same conceptual base code.


Thanks for the quick response … I can run one in an iFrame.

Just bought jaxpoll. is it possible to add the percentage figure at the end of the bar..

Thanks for the quick response.. The $resultPercent is already there on line 362. When I add the % it fails to load the poll I’ve tried a few different options.

$answersHTML .= ‘

  • ’ . $pollCopy->responseTotals[$index] . ‘
  • ’;

    Try this…

    $answersHTML .= '<li class="jaxresultbar" data="' . $resultPercent . '">' . '<div style="position:relative; left:101%;">' . round($resultPercent) . '%</div>' . '<span class="jaxresulthover">' . $pollCopy->responseTotals[$index] . '</span></li>';

    I added a new DIV tag inside the LI tag and placed the percent number inside the DIV with some styling to make it fall outside of the bar.

    Perfect cheers

    Hi , your REST API provide all features for your plugin. i want to use to crate mobile app with same features desktop webstie.

    Yes, the web page jQuery code uses the REST API to answer polls and get results.

    But I did not include information in the documentation on how to use the answer poll method. You would need to read the server code in jaxpoll.php where the REST API is processed to see how to use the method.