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It’s a shame no one has commented yet – it looks nice, feels nice to use also. Best of luck with your sales!

Thanks LeftArmy, there were some comments made in the chat demo itself but those comments expire over time. The initial release had a UI that was a bit delayed and this was noted in some of the chat comments. So I put some additional work into the Javascript code to make it more responsive. I think the chat interface is fairly quick now as long as the server responds fast.

Hey, looks really good in terms of functionality. I’m interested to know how easy this would be to put into jquery mobile – I think this would benefit the app a lot

Hi bushell86, I don’t have enough mobile experience to answer that question. Once the input gains focus to enter a nick name or chat the mobile OS zooms in. If the jQuery mobile library will help size the elements to fit on the mobile screen that would be great. But another possibility might be to deliver a different page to desktop browsers and mobile browsers and use a different sized element to hold the chat client and perhaps give a meta tag with a view port maximum zoom setting that prevents a monster sized chat client. Anyhow, it is something I’ll have to look into.

Hi, I uploaded jaxchat folder and test page, but it is not working. The url is

Thank you

I will look into this and find a solution…

I added unicode character support to the user names. The changes were approved on CodeCanyon this morning. Download this new version and give it a try.

Cool, it’s support Chinese and Korean names. Thank you!

I miss some emoticons :-)

Sorry, JAXchat does not support images inside the chat message area. Perhaps in some future release I can add image support and emoticons.

Great script … I had it customized and running in minutes!!

How difficult would it be to put a password restriction to get to the chat? Not a full blown user management page, just overlay a password input text before users could see the chat.

Perhaps allow for it to be changed in the admin menu.

Thanks again Steve

Hello Steve,

Adding a password prerequisite would not be technically difficult but a little time consuming.

It will require some modifications to the front end UI, an additional password AJAX message, the message handler in the back end script, and the addition to the administration settings script.

Is this crucial to your implementation?


Bryan, thanks for the quick response. Definitely not crucial. I have been using chatwing for my webcast and they have that option.

I may poke around and try to tackle it myself.

Okay, if you run into anything that doesn’t make sense then please send the questions my way and I’ll answer.

If I get a break before you come up with a solution I’ll take a quick look and see if I can just add it as a feature.


Is there an admin demo I could look at? Thanks.

The admin page is very basic so I only provided screenshots.

I will change the password to “admin” temporarily so you can take a look. The admin page is here…

I will change the password soon so take a look as soon as you can.

Is there an option for “Leave Chat” right now having an issue where when someone closes out the window it still shows they’re in the room.

Hello snufy,

There currently is no “Leave Chat” option but there is a time out that should remove a user’s name if they no longer have the chat widget running.

The default time out for a client is 30 seconds. You can change this by editing the jaxchat/jaxconfig.php file and changing the value that is defined for CLIENT_TIMEOUT_SECONDS.

If you reduce this value then anyone who closes the browser window will have their name removed faster. You don’t want the time out too low or somebody who gets some lag might get timed out accidentally.

The time out is based on the server receiving a message refresh from a client. The refresh rate is set to 3 seconds by default in the jaxchat/jaxsettings.js file.

So something like a 10 second timeout value in jaxchat/jaxconfig.php may give you what you need while still protecting against any lag issues anyone may have with their Internet connection.

When u doing update on site

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Hello, how to put to save the sessions?

There are no sessions in jaxchat. If you want to track connections for statistics you could add some PHP code to the requestName() method in /jaxchat/class/JaxChat.php. The requestName() method is called when a connected user requests a nickname to be used while they are using the chat client.