Javascript Premium Weather Widget

Javascript Premium Weather Widget

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WiseLoop JavaScript Premium Weather Widget is an AngularJS based weather condition and forecast script.
Its flexibility and easiness makes it perfect for displaying local or searched weather information in websites, blogs, portals, web and mobile apps.
It features GEO location, address search, animations, theme support with really nice included themes that are responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

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Main Features

  • HTML5 Geo Location with fallback to Telize GeoIP location;
  • location search – get weather for anything: country, city, zone, area, zipcode, company name, address, street etc.
  • up to 7 days forecast data;
  • temperature, wind and pressure measure units: Celsius/Fahrenheit, kmph/mph, mBar/inHg;
  • localization support;
  • 12 nice designed and responsive themes included;
  • dynamic backgrounds according to current weather conditions;
  • fade-in animations;
  • very extensible – build your own theme or customize existing ones;
  • JSON API – data service to build your own weather script;
  • cross-browser support;
  • responsive and mobile friendly;
  • powered by AngularJS and Bootstrap;
  • weather data provided by;
  • location search data provided by google maps API;
  • very easy to use;
  • exhaustive documentation with many samples.


  • A JavaScript enabled internet browser;
  • AngularJS 1.2.2 or newer;
  • Bootstrap 3 (CSS only).

A Basic Usage Sample

<div ng-app="wl-ng-weather" wl-ng-weather></div>
    angular.module('wl-ng-weather').value('bins', '/bins');
    angular.module('wl-ng-weather').value('apikey', '');


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