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Demo doesn’t work guys.

What is the documentation like for these – you have some awesome components but some extra examples would be very handy. I would buy all the remaining gauges you have if this was the case.

Thanks – they look great, what documentation and examples are included please

You can review samples and documentation by visiting http://perfectwidgets.com

Having some demo problems.

Demo is not working even on Light Style..

Can it be set to readonly? disallow user edition?

To do this, please set ‘Active’ property to ‘False’ as displayed in this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/sRfsSwm.png

Is the “Instrument Designer” app supposed to be included or how can it be obtained. Is there an extra charge for this?

Instrument designer is available in Perfect Widgets. You can download a free trial version here: http://perfectwidgets.com/Order/Download

I’m interested in your item.
¿Is it possible to change (invert) the scale in the gauge, value 0 at the top and 100 at the bottom?
Thanks in advance.