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for Code Quality

It's bad code. The work lacks many things in terms of seo and design.
I do not recommend buying it

for Design Quality

There are a lot of installation problems, errors and no installation support. No support. I paid and I have nothing - Jarvis doesn't work for me :( I send emails to author and there are no answer. Before I bought I asked author about Jarvis and he answered to me. After I bought - no support, nothing :( I don't recommend... It's a waste of money :(


Author response

Very Sorry about this, i can install it for you for free if you want just send me your server information at, and i will help you, sorry again about late reply

for Customizability

I have asked for the developper to fully integrate it with my platform using CodeIgniter.
I have chosen this one because it is developped under CodeIgniter, and this is the only one I think. Furthermore, it is very flexible and code easily editable !

You can easily make it look like you want ;)

for Flexibility

by VR - Moldova, Republic of 5 years ago

by CD - Argentina 5 years ago

for Customer Support

by TA - India 5 years ago