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bekeths Purchased

Why do I ask for my personal data email, ftp, admin, to do anything?

This is not serious, I already do what you want like no follow-up you even have case, your procedure I do not understand.

I am a new customer I am supposed to have the latest version of the theme; Where I want to find the latest version to replace the old one?

Otherwise the simplest is to refund my money if you do not have the teps for us the small monsieurs.

I regret your post after asking the data to work on my site.

I have teamviewer 10 minutes also help me


monzon Purchased

Hello I’m interested in buying, but I need to know if they are going to add the registry using facebook? thank you =)

May be later

I would like to ask you that is that possible only admin can answer of asked questions and also can it can admin approved before showing