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awesome awesome, its what i need now and waiting for Upcoming Versions :) congrats!

Thanks. i need your feedback to add more and more features to make it a complete kit soon.

Of course, you will get it :) Thx

The links to the documentation at the bottom on the left sidebar do not work

The product looks great. But, can I use 3rd party directives? Also, is there a form builder (preferably drag and drop) which would speed up the development of forms?

Yes you can add more and more functionality according to your requirements in form builder. e.g we integrate chosen directive with type chosen. if use chosen instead of dropdown it will render dropdown with chosen directive. if you create element type dragdrop and utilize directive properly. u can render drag and drop by just calling it within form builder.

sorry i misjudge your comment. yes we are thinking to create a grad / drop form that should generate form builder script automatically with all reference js script for copy and paste. hope to build it soon.

when are you planning to release the new versions and new updates to this kit – if you add them will you charge extra or will it the same under this one.

new update will be part of it. no additional charge. when available you can upgrade freely. we are working on it hope to release soon.

thanks – one more thing, are these working forms – or do i have to write php send mail or something like that in order for them to work.

yes when submit, it will send json data to any backened page including php. in php you have to write code to get json data and then process according to your requirements.

Does this application of yours write to databases. So does it have the ability to take the information on the forms and write to the database or do I have to write the program for that myself? In other words does it have database connectivity built into the application?

This thing is not running for me. Nothing happens when I run it in:


Nothing displays. Do I have run this in node.js in order to get it to work or can I run it Mamp server? Because if I can’t get it to run in Mamp on iMac then I am going to have to get my money back for it.

Yes you have to use your own handler (php or any other file you want to send data to), when you click on submit, it will send data in json format.

You can use nodejs backened to accept json data sent by forms. if you face problem send mail to our support mail we will give you instructions where to adjust nodejs post url.

@vbbooyd i had the same problem. Files must be copy in root of server, “htdocs”, then it is functional. I think the maker will fix this issue fast, then it will run from every folder

we updated files to make application works in sub folders too instead of root path. Updates will be available soon.

what are you providing in php files in your project as you have mentioned your project includes php files aswell ??

Core application target only angular js applications and can help you use it in any type of angular js complaint applications including ionic framework. But sometimes you need backened too for processing like upload file, remove uploaded file from server. these two files (upload and remove) we used php files but you can adjust it with any backened language asp.net ruby on rail node js etc

Does this offer signature field or will the new version have this option, how hard would it be to add that to this?

There are three builtin form templates which offer support for various built-in elements and plugins. But these are not restricted, you can add support for other elements too whether its created via angular js directive or jquery. in case jquery you can create directive to make it’s use more easy.

e.g in case of adding signature field you can find signature plugin that meet with your requirement e.g list of plugins there http://www.sitepoint.com/4-jquery-digital-signature-plugins/

Next step is to make a small directive from it if it’s not yet available in angular js version.

Next add one more type in form template e.g

div ng-if="config-type=='signature'>
// place signature directive here
and from controller part just add attribute with type=”signature” instead of “textbox” etc.

In this way you can add more and more directives and plugins within your form template.

any updates planned ?

yes we will update script soon with more improved features.

Hi! This toolkit looks great and I intend to purchase it.

Just wanted to know, though, if we will be able to update the current version to the new one or if you are going to release as a new product.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can get free update whenever new version release.

Yes you can get free update whenever new version release.

Great tool. Will certainly buy it. Hope in the future you would add, Calendar / RSVP. Bookmarked

Yes as we proceed we will add more and more features based our customer requirements.

Are there any support for callback validation?

Validation happens via html element events e.g onBlur, onKeypress and global button event e.g button ng-click function.

when will you update new features as you said ?

Hi we are little bit busy in some enterprise product development. once free we will release more advance toolkit. we appreciate sharing feedback with us for making it more useful.

Since starting stand this on product details: -Create and Manage Polls -Product reviews and listings -Comment application -Wizard Form with complex validations and file attachments -Survey application -Questionair application -Resume builder application I wait now 3 month for it, this was also a reason to buy this script. Why do you write it on details when you have not time ? 1 star from me – 0 is not possible – in my eyes you are unserious.

everyone want to build as much useful product as he want. we also aim to build but in phases. We are just making it for fun and increase our experience but not for making money or getting ratings. We are busy in some projects and enterprise products that’s why we can’t gave time if you need any feature you can just message and we will help making a module for you. By the way thanks for your rating.

I can buy extended version but need to know if I can connect my existing backend which is on Google App Engine with this Kit, as a Angular JS Frontend. Please help.

You can use any app engine including google app engine that accept and send data in the form of JSON

Yeah that’s fine but can you implement a demo $http or $resource request response via Google endpoint.

Yes $http used when you check edit examples like this one http://bootstrapkits.com/jangular/applications/forms/simple/index.html#/edit/1

Sample Example

var url = apiPath + "info.json";
        mediasoftHTTP.actionProcess(url, [{
            id: $scope.selectedID

mediasoftHTTP.actionProcess … pass data to $http resource.


on the manage.js, i have enabled submit data to server. and i get the data response on data.php

i have given redirect to same page when submit the from

then the data.php triggering 2 time so the second time data.php is with empty result.

how do i enable the “submit to server” and redirect to same page ?

No its not

i have given like this

var processSuccess = function (data, status) { $scope.showProcessing = false; var isObj = data instanceof Object; if (!isObj) { $scope.message = “Error occured while processing your request”; } else if (data.status == ‘error’) { $scope.message = data.message; } else { window.location.href = “http://www.mydomain.ch/applications/forms/simple/api/submit.php”;


still it takes the ”/index.html#/status/added”

should i change some thing on .config([’$routeProvider’,

no need to change in config area. we mostly use document.location to redirect user to another page via javascript. please research on google and may be u find alternative approach.

Now i need to add more than 5 times “upload images” in one form

Where do i configure this ?

type: “uploadfiles”,

images posted to server via files: [] list of upload images. once submitted you can parse (any server language e.g php) to single image from list and save it to any field


i would like to make update button to update the from instead of Submit…..

How do i do this ?

is there any flag on result to identify the “update” or “submit”

How do i make multiple uploads in one form ?