Discussion on Jalendar 2 Calendar Kit [Events, Range Selecting and More...]

Discussion on Jalendar 2 Calendar Kit [Events, Range Selecting and More...]

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Hello, switching months is not displayed. How to fix it?

Just add <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css"> in your <head> tag. You don’t need to add <style></style> element for FontAwesome.

You helped me a lot, thank you! Now everything works.

Please help how to make the beginning of the week from Monday. jalendar-event-demo

Hello, you have to do nothing for monday starting. ‘sundayStart’ jquery property comes as false already.


Hello! Do you have a calendar with similar functionality but to be using simple javascript only instead of jquery?

Hey. Nope, this works only with jQuery

Hi, following up on @sasolanki question, have you added the ability to disable/ block dates for the select input version?

Hello, I know you do answer questions on customization, but do you charge for customization of product. We want to add some enhancements to it…


Hi, i just dont know if there is option to disable specific dates for different months in your calendar, let me know if it is there, then how do we do that.

Hello, there is no option for that right now. Maybe in the next update, sorry.


I would like to use Jalendar 2 in a Admin panel. I`ve realized that your code shows a red dot in the days that have events. But I need to show 3 types of events (events, holidays and task). I can generate the events list with added-event, added-holiday and added-task.

Is it possible to customize Jalendar to show the 3 types of events? If possible, there is an extra cost? If yes, how much does it costs?


Jose Geraldo

Hey josegeraldo, your suggest would be nice improvement for the Jalendar2. I will try to develop it.

@josegeraldo The update that you want has been done. I will send it to codecanyon asap. Thank you.

Good evening, I use your script since I bought it last year and I wanted to re-download it but I have no link in my download area.

My order number is: 8e06e3b2-76be-4fbf-aa49-3c0aafad5115.

How can I get the script I bought?

Thank you for your reply and good evening

my mail screenshot (

Does your product support the Google Calendar API?, as we have a public calendars in google and would like to display their events info in the slide down area. i’m willing to have one-on-one conversation with you related to this.

Hi, could you please let me know how to set a default date range on an input “range” selector. I need the customDay type option that would be a date range instead of a single date.

Hello or purchased your calendar, I have to use the RANGE function but I do not understand where I have to write the two dates example start date 20-04 / 2018 end date 30-04-2018 you can give me an example. thank you

Hey, thank you for your purchase. ‘Range’ type works for users. Your users can click the start date and the end date from calendar. You can get these two values for this way from user. This is how range type is work. If you want to use ‘event’ type tell me more about this.

Interested with this item. is this item support and compatible with AdminLTE and bootstrap css? I plan to use in AdminLTE dashboard section. thanks in advance.

Hey, this is just jquery plugin. You can do anything you want with this. I don’t know AdminLTE but bootstrap is ok for Jalendar 2.

Hello :)

I’m trying to use $(”#cool-calendar”).jalendar({selectingBeforeToday: false, type: ‘selector’}), but I can still select dates before today :(

Am i doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hey, you should use ‘selectingAfterToday: true’ parameter for this. ;)


I’m doing some testing (before purchase), and having some problems with selectingBeforeToday not taking effect.


Hi, thanks for your feedback. I have fixed that bug. I’ll publish it asap.

Hi Bqra,

I am facing an issue, If I select a date range from 27 Dec 2017 to 4 Jan 2018 (Any date range from Dec 2017 to future date)

Then 1 Jan 2018 does not shows up selected. Check below examples

Screenshot from Demo page

Screenshot from our use

Another thing, how can I show a date range already selected by passing Start Date and End Date.

Hi there, i’m working on it. When i’ve done this i’ll publish to codecanyon

Good news! It has been fixed. I uploaded it to codecanyon. If you don’t want to wait during approving time i can send updated version to you.

Thanks, I guess it is updated, I will check and will update you if it is working fine now.

hi i found a bug

when i selecting the date in range for overlapping 2 months, on the end date month, the very first date from previous month is not selected.

if this fixed in the purchased version?

Hello. Today I bought your plugin and I’ve been doing some changes to adapt it to my idea for my website, and I was able to do almost everything except for one thing. I was wondering if maybe you could help me with this:

I want to show some HTML content in case there’s no events.

I mean: I click a day and there’s no events, what I want to edit the “0 events” message of the bottom.

I want to add something like “Oops! That day we aren’t open!” but with some CSS style, that’s why I want to add one or two HTML tags instead of “0 events”.

Please, at least tell me if it’s possible or not, and if it’s possible, what lines should I change to get that result.

Thank you very much.

Hey, thank you for your purchase. Yes, you can do it. I will send an email to you for the solution asap.

Hey bqra, I’ll be waiting for it. Thank you very much!! :D

Hey bqra, I already did it, I found the way to do it. So you don’t have to send me the solution. Thank you anyway :)

Hi does your widget accept date format like eg. [ ?startDate=2016-06-27&endDate=2016-06-29 ] and take in Ical calendar?

Hi, I want to purchase this plugin for my project, but I want to know if I can set several days in a month with a different color background (I want to use it for availability days in a cruise tour). Example: In January I want to have 3 days with a green background and 2 days in blue. Can I do this with your plugin?

Does this calendar support the ability to limit how far the calendar goes back? I am wanting to create a calendar where users cannot select event that is in the future as well as user cannot go back back past a certain month/years. Does this support these features? Thanks


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