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This says the “Complete Collection”, does that mean it has all the add ons that are normally for purchase or something else?

Yes, this has all the main Jaguar Engine + all 9 Jaguar Add-ons (all Jaguar material). As I create new add-ons they will be added to the Complete Collection item :)

Thanks for the fast reply, now one more question before I buy. Is this a stand alone on a computer based, or does it have to go on a server.

Sure thing. This is meant to be placed on a server but can also be run locally in Firefox. Some buyers have been experimenting with compiling executables for Mac and Windows with a good amount of success, but that is just experimental for the time being as a lot of the engine would probably need to be rewritten for standalone executables.

Hi, can you add me to the support forum ? thx

Hi there, by default it is set to the same as your Envato user name, you can change it once you log in :)

D’oh. Thank you

I love the demo and I was sold :) how do I get the access to the forum and the rest of downloads that you mention on the description?

Thanks! I just activated your account – you should get an email shortly. If you have any issues signing in just email me directly. Have fun with Jaguar! :)

This so cool. You are a genius. I love you. I must buy this in July. Don’t move, i come back : )

Haha, thanks! It isn’t going anywhere. ;)

YeeeesssssSSSS yes yes yes and yes…Done!! and registered on the forum… waiting for acceptation. Thanks Again!

:D I’ve activated your Jaguar Forums account. Let me know if you run into any issues. Enjoy! :)

Hello Crusader12, Before buying your game engine, i would like to know more about graphics.Sorry, to ask you this, but I haven’t found any comments about this… On you demo, I saw that your game is responsive. Is there a min / max résolution (800×600, ... 1920×1080). I love your pixel design (LucasArts graphics and sprites) , but is it possible to change de design of the interface by my own design (inventory, save menu, text on the screen, Cursor…) Thanks a lot

Hi TomObsvif, thanks for your interest. During the years of continued development of Jaguar I’ve done my best to stay as close to the original LucasArts model as possible, however I understand some people may want to use high-resolution graphics. All of the JS is hands-off and separated into uncompressed, well-commented modules. The core CSS file is separated from a game-specific (interface components, etc) file. Reworking the interface will admittedly require a higher level of CSS (patience?) as there are many elements – but everything is very simple and straight-forward (no pseudo elements, crazy selectors or anything similar). Drastically moving away from a LucasArts verb-driven interface is possible, but requires advanced knowledge of both JS and CSS. The core CSS file has a TOC and a section labeled Dimensions (where you would adjust any master level container dimensions to suit your game needs). All graphics are scaled adaptively, so it isn’t really loading different resolution sets. Currently, if you’re running a 1920×1080 game on a phone it will just scale all of those assets down. It isn’t the most ideal model, but typically 1920×1080 is overkill for a pixel adventure in LucasArts fashion (upscaling like seen in the demos actually adds an odd authenticity) At the moment, Character sprites will be your only hurdle if you’re going for hi-res. They’re animated GIFs (again, this is another Jaguar component that works perfectly for LucasArts P&Cs and is very beginner-friendly). I’m currently working on an update (which will probably be split into 2 updates) that makes sequential Secondary Action functionality (which is really cool) and switching sprites to PNGs and using an approach similar to Phaser and many others (filmstrip with frame definitions). This is still a beginner-friendly approach to sprites, but allows for high-resolution animated PNG sequences. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer. Thanks!

Wahoo, Crusader12, What a precise answer. I really appreciate that you take time to explain me how your fantastic jaguar engine, works. In fact when i said high resolution it is not really what i want to do. I am more familiar with vector Tools (like illustrator) to create some graphics, then export them in PNG format. I was a fan of King’s Quest I and II, and I am always in love with point and click adventure game. Since many years, I was looking for an engine like Jaguar. (I ‘ve tested a lot of engine, but in the end, after spending a lot of time, I have always been disappointed, by the lack of some functions. Your engine and your plugin seems to be really complete.

One part of my job is to make elearning game for young people or for kids. I plan to make a elearning game for young people / kids around ‘the ocean’ topic, and i think that an adventure game framework should be approriate…

Is your future update will modify Core CSS file?( I ask you this because, if i begin to overwrite the CSS file now, i don’t want to this again after your update…)

Congratulation for your work, i’m a fan!!!!

(Sorry for my bad english)

Hi, no problem :) Classic gaming is close to my heart like many others. The old Sierra games haven’t been forgotten either! I’ve been working on a Sierra interface conversion kit addon since December (it turned out to be more complicated than it originally seemed and some other more important updates got shuffled in front of it) But – it will eventually be completed. Currently I have a stripped down Space Quest IV demo with the completed Sierra interface (need to wrap up different saving styles and inventory handling). Anyway, there is a lot in store for the future of the engine (so many ideas) but I’m slowly creeping forward with caution – every change done to the engine is carefully calculated to make sure ease of use and compatibility isn’t sacrificed. To answer your question – there shouldn’t be any need to modify the core CSS (besides your master container dimensions and you could technically set that in your game CSS file). All of the CSS is setup to allow for easy upgrading. When a new version of the engine is released I update the changelog at the back of the docs (you can check it out now from the demo page) and it includes instructions for any changes that you might need to make to your game HTML or CSS file. However, the majority of updates don’t require any additional attention at all, it is typically only when a major feature is added.

Quick question… After purchase, will support on your dedicated forum end after a prescribed time?

Thanks for your interest. No there isn’t a prescribed time for support in the forums. I’m happy to assist and answer any questions and there are active members in there as well :)


JiCeHo Purchased

Hey, could you please grant me the access to the support forums ? I just bought JaguaR, which looks pretty awesome, by the way. Thanks

Hi JuCeHo! Thanks for your purchase, I’ve activated your Jaguar Forums account – you should receive an email shortly. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Enjoy! :)


meaz Purchased

Hello, Can you please grant me access to the support forums? I have just purchased Jaguar Complete Collection. Thank you

Hi, I’ve activated your Jaguar Forums account, you should receive an email shortly. Enjoy!


meaz Purchased

Thank you. I am looking forward to using you game engine


lordzs Purchased

I there just purchased the software , still new to all this , can you join me to the forum ?? and also direct me to basically were to get started like a manual or something , looks very interesting

Hi lordzs, Thanks for your purchase. I’ve just activated your Jaguar Forums account – you should receive emails shortly. There is a link to the docs in the ZIP. You’ll see a Demo and Example Content section in the docs which outlines how to download the demo game assets from the forums and set them up to see examples. There is also a ZIP in the Downloads Section of the forum that contains a ton of isolated tutorials to help you learn how to build adventure games with Jaguar. If you run into any issues please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the forums or contact me directly. Thanks! :)

Hello, Can you please grant me access to the support forums? I have just purchased Jaguar Complete Collection. Cheers for making such a great asset!

Thanks! Forgot to respond yesterday, but you’re all signed up ;)

Awesome response time, thank you so much!

No problem, enjoy! :)

Hello, Could you please check your email an add me to the forum. Thank you.