Discussion on Emails & Newsletters with Jackmail

Discussion on Emails & Newsletters with Jackmail

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Greetings we have this need for one of our services, our service allows you to send a whatsapp message from a mail client attaching images and pdf, the recipient is of the type Our customers use the lists of their email client to send the same message to multiple recipients, then create lists with all the telephone numbers followed by @ We would also like to manage the broadcasting of messages and therefore build a mailchimp type site with the following features: - registration and qualification; - ability to manage address books (whatsapp numbers): - possibility to add for each subscriber to the portal (therefore our customer) a personalized sending domain, our customer creates an address book, imports the whatsapp numbers and the system adds the domain assigned to the customer. The emails must be in text format only as whatsapp does not manage html, allow attachments and must not contain the footer with “opt out as the consent policy is managed by WhatsApp. Which of these features can your plugin address? I hope I was clear and thank you marcello

Hello! I think for your needs you need indeed a solution for transactional messages and where you can create your messages directly by API. In this case Jackmail will not be suitable, already as you are not able to use attachments with Jackmail – so no way to create test only messages with an image/pdf as attachment. Best regards !

The plugin include post notification only if have a new article in blog? I mean… the plugin verify every day if a new post, and if a new post haved, the plugin send a new email via external SMTP with this new post?

Hello! You can setup automatic campaigns (as soon as you publish a new article / as soon as you have a new subscriber / Automatic Newsletter (when publishing a new article or sending a newsletter as soon as you have published x new articles / by publishing a new WooCommerce product) – – Best regards

This plugin include any form capture leads or inputs emails, widgets or embed shortcodes?

Hello! With Jackmail you will have a form widget available in which you can even activate an double optin feature ( Additionally you can also synchronize lists of some plugins like Contact Forms 7 and Ninja Forms (

Please, is it possible to get statistic with your plugin? Thank you for your help

Hello! Yes, with our comportemental tracking technic you will have statistics available for your campaigns sent with Jackmail. I recommend to take simply a look on our Help Center on Best regards!

please i want to know if i buy the plugin, will i be bale to send out mails to 10,000 plus contacts with the plugin or i will still pay for email campaign?


Thanks for your comments. Yes, with Jackmail, you will be able to send out 10,000 plus contacts but not with the monthly plan at $69. With the monthly plan at $69, you can send 5,000 emails per month. With the yearly plan at $708, you can send 60,000 emails per year. You won’t still pay for email campaign. With Jackmail, you only pay by the number of emails sent. If you wish to consult our different offers, you can follow this link:

I remain at your disposal. Have a nice day.

Kind regards, Solène from Jackmail.

Presale Question. The license is forever or for one year only? I have a multi language website managed with wpml. It’s the plugin compatible with wpml?

Hello, The plugins it’s free but the license contains X emails valid 1 year. (You paid for each emails send) After 1 year, you need to buy new emails to send your campaign with Jackmail. Max.

Jackmail website link lead to empty page. ?

Hello, the website it’s

Hi. I have some questions:

1.- Can I automate the sending time for everyday? 2.- Can I automate different templates depending the day 3.- Can include different categories content on the same newsletter (F.Ex: 5 from news, 3 from tech, 2 from TV categories?)

Thank you

Hello! 1. Yes if you create one workflow per day with a specific date time for each campaign ( 7 workflow for a week) 2. Yes you create a template per workflow 3. Yes you can choose specific categories for each workflow but currently you can’t chose the number of post by categories. It’s a good features to add in the roadmap :)

Thank you

Can you send emails without a email marketing service?

Hello, no sorry. We think it’s mandatory to have a professional server for send email. It’s the better way to have your campaigns in inbox.

Hi, I just bought your plug in, but I am confused on how to set it up using the license from Envato as it takes me to your freemium account… Could you please help? Thank you!


We have updated your account with your offer, I think right now it’s OK. Could you confirm?

Thank you. Max.


Yes, everything is fine now, thank you very much for your help!


it won’t work in wordpress 5. When you insert the name of template, after the click on ok, nothing happens and appears {{$root.translations. ....

Hello, I think another plugin block Jackmail, could you try with only Jackmail activated. Thank you

You say “39$ you have 15,000 emails available 1 year and for 59$ you have 60,000 emails” but the price is 40$ & 84$ why? Also whats the difference between this plugin & the one in the WP repo? The free one gets frequent updates & this one was last updated 1 year ago?

Hi! The price difference is regarding Envato fees and support. You could purchase it right from our website too. The difference between this plugin and the one in the repo ? Nothing. Same plugin. The repo is a free version with a 100emails per day limit. This one is the paid version with no daily limit. Envato isjust a different marketplace for us :)

Can we use our own smtp?

Nope, that’s not the point of this plugin. If you want to send emails, you shoud use a real smtp dedicated for that purpose. That’s why Jackmail includes its own.

Have you changed your mind on this yet? You’d probably receive more sales.


For the moment we hasn’t change. We think it’s mandatory to have a professional server for send email. It’s the better way to have your campaigns in inbox.


bonjour quelle est la diffrence entre acheter Jackmail ici ou le telecharger en mode gratuit ? merci

Bonjour ! Et bien, dans ce package ici, vous n’achetez pas l’extension, puisqu’elle est gratuite, ce que vous achetez ce sont des crédits d’envois pour router vos emails sur notre plateforme. Ici, 15,000 envois sont proposés mais si vous en voulez plus, notre site propose d’autres volumes :

Hi, I’m really interested in purchase your plugin, but i have an question, i use this plugin: to use as my news plugin so the posts are not in posts they are in this plugin. would your plugin take the news from this plugin to share?

Hi ! Theses posts are Custom Post Type ? If yes, we will handle them in a couple of week :)

Hi ! Just to say we’re compatible now with Custom Post Types for 2 weeks now :)

Bonjour, J’ai acheté le plugin. Je n’ai aucun crédit ajouté sur mon compte donc je n’ai même pas la capacité d’envoyer un mail test. Merci d’avance

Bonjour, je vous ai répondu sur votre autre commentaire (rating). N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour vous attribuer les crédits :)


Question before purchase

own server dedie I prefer to use our own SMTP server? Just interested in the plugin “newsletters” for me integrate it into our site. For me to have a “newsletters” field on my site.

Ps: I also am French

Thank you

Bonjour :)

Le plugin intègre un serveur de routage par défaut, c’est même tout l’intéret du plugin, c’est de ne pas avoir a passer par une infra externe (ou interne) qui n’est pas prévu pour.

Si vous avez votre propre serveur smtp, soit, mais combien est il capable d’envoyer par jour? a quelle vitesse (bridage?) et quel taux de déliverabilité?

Avec Jackmail, vous vous garantissez un envoi instantané, sans arrivée en spam. N’hésitez pas à venir parler sur notre live chat, pour échanger plus en détail si besoin :)



I just want to have a newsletter form on our website. and sends a mail once every six months to subscribers

That’s why I prefer to use our SMTP server

Thank you.

Le problème reste le même. D’autant que si vous envoyez si peu (une fois tous les six mois) votre réputation en emailing est de zéro. Les serveurs antispam ne feront aucune confiance à un serveur inconnu avec un domaine inconnu.

En emailing, la réputation aide grandement a garantir l’arrivée en boite de réception. Prenons un exemple : yahoo. Ils réinitialisent les réputations toutes les 72h, à moins que vous n’envoyiez un nouvel email. Autant vous dire que si vous ne passez pas par une plateforme qui envoie régulièrement des emails, vous n’arriverez jamais a augmenter votre réputation chez Yahoo. Evidemment, chaque serveur email (gmail, hotmail, sfr, orange, free, etc) a son propre système, et utiliser son propre serveur smtp aujourd’hui, est devenu complètement obsolète.

Notez que nous avons une formule gratuite, avec 100 emails par jour :) Voir sur notre site

Hi, I’d like to know few things to see if MailFit it’s the right choice for me. For example after 10 newsletters sent it’s possible to keep only the people who opened the newsletters? Basicly i can export the list with all subscribers who opened newsletters? Can same thing be done with people who clicked on newsletters? Can i use my own SMTP? Thanks.

Hi ! I guess you made a mistake since it’s Jackmail here, and not MailFit :) But, you can do what you asked with Jackamil, except you won’t have to use your own smtp server since it’s included in our offer :)

Hi we just bought the plugin how can we activate the premium (15000 emails) we have only 1000 credits ?! ID : e8dd8352-4900-43b3-984b-ef35a1e30213

Seems you’ve reached my colleague by another canal, so it seems to be ok now ;)

Hi, I’ve been trying to send a email on your website via the contact page but it keeps on giving me an error. Not sure if your receiving them, I have few questions about your product and services, is there way we can get in contact?

Hi ! Sure, you can reach us at help@jackmail. You can also try to contact us in the chat or by phone :)


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