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Some things aren’t working locally like the social buttons, blur hovers, local video and audio?

Depending on your browser, these things may not work locally. This is because of local security restrictions involving iframes and html5 canvas, and it’s mostly a problem in Chrome.

But when you upload the files to your website they will work online.

The social buttons will only work online no matter what browser you use, but everything else will work in Firefox locally.

How can I add a new item to the lightbox after the page initially loads?

In the download source, see examples:

  • dynamic_api_example_one.html
  • dynamic_api_example_two.html
In summary, yhe item needs to have “JackBox” attributes applied in order to get added. The two important ones are “href” (or “data-href”) and “data-group”. All others are optional. If these attributes don’t already exist for the element, they can be manually passed into the “newItem” method as a “settings” argument. When writing the settings, omit the “data-” part of the attribute. So if you wanted to have a “data-description” it would simply be “description”. Here’s an example:

jQuery.jackBox.available(function() {

    // just a sample element for this example
    var div = jQuery("<div />").html("New JackBox Item").css("cursor", "pointer").appendTo(jQuery("body"));

    // If the element doesn't have the appropriate data-attributes already applied, 
    // they can be explicitly set in the settings parameter as shown below

    // If you want to run the JackBox item right away, add a "trigger" param and set it to true,
    // Otherwise, the element will be added to JackBox and can be triggered later by a user click

    div.jackBox("newItem", {

        group: "info", 
        title: "JackBox - Responsive Lightbox",
        href: "jackbox/img/video_poster.jpg",
        trigger: true



The original video that’s included in the download source works but my videos do not.

First, check to make sure the issue isn’t a file location problem. View this video for troubleshooting tips.

Second, try re-encoding your video with one of the following video encoders:

Adobe Media Encoder
Miro Video Encoder

The following is the required meta-data information that the video will need to have.

  • duration
  • width
  • height

This is very basic and standard information and is included automatically by most video encoder programs. And these are common things needed for any video player that includes a time-text/scrub-bar and a fullscreen button.

If your video program does not include this information, it means the program is not geared toward producing video for the web. And in that case, try one of the encoders listed above instead.

Facebook Button Disappears

The social networks update their buttons from time to time, and sometimes JackBox needs to be updated to account for these changes. To update your social buttons, download a fresh copy of the plugin from your CodeCanyon “downloads” page, then replace the following:

  • jackbox/modules/jackbox-social.php
  • jackbox/img/graphics/social (replace this entire folder)

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