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How do I get youtube to play when it opens?

Hello, after modifying the source/jackbox/js/jackbox.js as described in your help file and using it instead of jackbox/js/jackbox-packed.min.js the buttons of close, info, prev/next are working on desktop browsers but not in the iPhone Safari.

Please provide a modified jackbox/js/jackbox-packed.min.js without the social buttons stuff.


Hi! I would like three buttons to show the same div content with id=”description_1”. This is possible but the jackbox shows left-right controls and paging for three pages. I would like it to show only 1/1 and no controls. Is this possible?

Hi, Is this possible to use HTML in the description/excerpt appearing below the lightbox? If Jackbox loads a PNG32 file it maintains transparency? thanks

Hi everybody, sorry for my bad English. After update Wordpress to the last v. 4.5, JackBox plugin does’t works :-( I investigated a little bit and it seems the issue is related with the jQuery libs. Does everybody has any issue with this plugin, after update WP? Thanks.

Opps… I’m apologize, this is the wrong place to post. I was speaking about “JackBox – Responsive Lightbox – WordPress Plugin”, sorry everybody.

I have a group of 25 thumbnails on a particular page and would like to target one of the popups from another page, so that when the user comes to this page of 25 thumbnails, the popup will already be open on the page. Therefore in order to have the link open the relevant popup, I found that the URL, as in this example… opens the link with no problem. My issue is that I will be changing the order of these thumbnails, throughout the year. Once I change the order, that above link will no longer open the correct popup. The thumbnail might have moved to the fourth position, instead of #3. Is there any way to use the “id” in the URL, instead of it’s position on the page, as it is currently? i.e. ... I’m using their last name as the ID for that popup.

Thanks much.

Is the latest version compatible with Wordpress 4.6.1? Thanks,

Hi. I’m getting an uncaught type-error…jackbox is not a function. Could you please have a look? Just click on the image. Login-Data: User: caro PW: schmidt Thank you!

I am getting a jQuery error when I load pages with JackBox: “jQuery(”.jackbox[data-group]”).jackBox is not a function. (In ‘jQuery(”.jackbox[data-group]”).jackBox(“init”)’, ‘jQuery(”.jackbox[data-group]”).jackBox’ is undefined)”

Hello – I noticed that when the lightbox plays a local video on android device, a download arrow (icon) appears on bottom toolbar. Is there a way to disable this through Jackbox? Or is this something that will always appear in an android device?


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I’m unable to select any of the text inside the JackBox popup. Is there some special code I need to add, in order to make the text selectable?