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CodingJack does not currently provide support for this item.

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Will this plugin work with my (enter gallery plugin name here)?

Because all plugins are different, there’s no guarantee that JackBox will be compatible. Your best bet is to watch the video screencasts to get an idea if you think the plugin is right for you.

I installed the plugin but it didn’t override my previous lightbox setup automatically?

JackBox will not override any previous lightbox setup your website uses. Instead, any previous lightbox content your site happens to have will need to be manually connected to JackBox once the plugin is installed.

My local videos won’t play.

First, check to make sure the issue isn’t a file location problem. View this video for troubleshooting tips.

Second, try re-encoding your video with one of the following video encoders:

Adobe Media Encoder
Miro Video Encoder

The following is the required meta-data information that the video will need to have.

  • duration
  • width
  • height

This is very basic and standard information and is included automatically by most video encoder programs. And these are common things needed for any video player that includes a time-text/scrub-bar and a fullscreen button.

If your video program does not include this information, it means the program is not geared toward producing video for the web. And in that case, try one of the encoders listed above instead.

Why are the JackBox plugin icons disabled inside my WordPress editor?

In order to add a JackBox item, first it needs to be connected to an image or hyperlink from your web page. Because of this, the icons will always be disabled until you select (click on) either an image or hyperlink from your page’s content.

For examples, check out some of the demo videos:

How can I add a background image to the audio items?

Using an ftp editor, replace the 500×185 image located in the following directory of your website:


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