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does this work w 4.6.1? responsive?

Purchased essential grid product and jackbox lightbox

Added jackbox as lightbox. But does not work? Opens images in a new window?

Hi Team,

I’m using your plugin with Themepunch Essential Grid.

In lightbox, I’d like to add a link on the description. Not work.

Thanks, Olivier

I thought we could just copy any html code into the description? Thanks in adavance for help us. Olivier

I would like to change the position of the description box at the top of the popup, is this possible, any ideas, Thanks

Does anyone know if this plugin generates the same deeplinks as the non-Wordpress version? I’m moving a site over to Wordpress and it would be nice to preserve those links.

When I activate JackBox, all images on site vanish. There is a jquery confict. Please advise.

Hello I’m trying to figure out how to trigger this lightbox NOT using the builtin Wordpress back end option… I have a loop code that pulls images out of the database dynamically… Are there some attributes I can add to my hand coded link < a href=”” class=”” rel=””> in order to trigger this lightbox to appear?

Never mind I figured it out … adding class=”jackbox” to my html link worked!

can I open a self hosted video by clicking on a png that I have included in a visual composer text box?


Can you connect your plugin to Envato Market, please? This way, we can see when there’s an update and we can manage the updates from our central management system.

Here is the link to Envato Market: https://envato.com/market-plugin/

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,