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How can I erase this shadows when I clicked on the feedback button?

Still say I wish it would Validate…..if Izzy ever reads this “Discussion”

I was able to easily use this and even make it usable for my ASP .NET page.

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

Hi , I am getting an error , the image comes back of the page in IE8 . Please can you tell if there is a fix for it.

why is this only $4 here but $49 on their website??

Can I remove the FAQ tab on the form and leave only feed back tab?

Thanks, nh


Why I cannot submit the form?

Please check my website:

Status “please wait” and nothing is happen.

Let me know.


any help???? hellooo !!!!!

Hey! i just purchased it and I uploaded files as per instruction and inserted code before the tag and it looks screwy… can I get some help on what I’m doing wrong/



Looks nice. If an ounce of support is ever shown here, I may consider.

I came back and purchased because quite frankly… there weren’t many good options out there. And… glad I did! This couldn’t be easier to setup and use. Not sure why anyone’s having a problem.

However, the instructions could be simpler. Instead of “adding code” to your page from insert_code, just change insert_code.html to insert_code.php and then simply use a php include statement right before your closing body tag:

<? include ‘insert_code.php’; ?>

Upload all the other files to your site just as they are (be sure to modify the email address in line 19 of izzyFeedback.php) and voila.

Nice script that works well.

scratch that. though the install is incredibly easy, the “help desk” portion has more than it’s fair share of problems when accessing the control panel through the izzy website. And… doesn’t work for me in IE8 . Not worth it. $4 wasted.

Hi simonsimon,

I am considering purchasing this form, does it work in Joomla?

I appreciate it.

Is there documentation of how to install this script? I have never done it before and would need a guide of some sorts. Thank you

Looks like there is NO support on this. Except for customers. I want to modify the script and where do I install as I only have php index file with no .tags. Appreciate an answer, I do not want to use the izzy help, I just want to use it as a feedback form, Loos very good in theory.


when i installed the IzzyFeedback script to my page.. some another scripts is not working!! like the background slider and etc.

check this link: of index.html


Tried to install, and got the following…

Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

I looked at the zip file, and (as far as I can tell) everything is there.

Any help?

The product looks promising but guess I will pass since support is minimal.

Hello! I want to use the second tab that is now called “FAQ & Support” for another form just like the one in Feedback tab. Is that possible? If yes, how can I do that?


You feedback form is looks good but do you plan to extend the functionality as on this feedback script for example

I will buy your script if you will improve it.