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<?php <script src="” language=”javascript”></script>


Hye izyoption, I tried the demo. Example of script like above but no full script. Once ecrypted like below example:


Then I save in to index.php and uploaded into my server. But it cannot run a website once encrypted. Then how to do it?

We are just providing the script here and its up to the knowledge of programmer to use the script according to their creativity.

We may give some tips but we are not obliged to provide step by step instruction.

Hye.. I can’t run the script. This is what I did

<?php include ‘IzyEncrypter.php’; $iz = new IzyEncrypter( $key ); eval($iz-> decrypt(‘ ENCRYPTEDSCRIPT FFJKDSLF )); ?>

Any wrong? Where to put the key?

<?php include ‘IzyEncrypter.php’; $iz = new IzyEncrypter( 'izyoption' ); eval($iz-> decrypt(‘ ENCRYPTEDSCRIPT FFJKDSLF )); ?>

Replace $key with your actual “key value”. For example ‘izyoption’ is used in above code. Use your own key for security purpose.


I have a question. Is it possible to encode html + javascript for mobile app and let the javascript call to IzyEncrypter.php

Thank you Umpol

No currently that’s not possible, Sorry!

Hello, Can it encrypt binary file?

Sorry, It can’t.

Hello, I would like to buy the script but I need to figure out if it’s like in the demo, that is, it is ready to be used or need to make changes? Just purchase the script, is already running? So I can already now encrypt and decrypt messages? I ask this because otherwise I do it by myself

Hi Marcolino92,

Yes, its ready to be used like in demo.

Thank You !

well done but seeing the key.txt (in chrome) is a no go… please provide a solution for this problem. Thanks

please ignore my last post. It works now. Thanks

seen the demo, reviewed the comments. Looks like a very good & solid script. Good job!! Looking forward for extended features.

Thanks). It’s work!

Thanks). It’s work!

Hello Author.. I did send you an email, but I think it maybe hitting your junk box,,.. I have a question..

On my site, if I enter: <script>some text or script here</script> why does the button freeze and say: Encrypting? and it does encrypt? Running php v 5.4 What could be going wrong?

Hello author thank you for your email.. I found the problem myself after a little research.. It was because of Mod Security was on the domain.. After turning this off.. I can now use <script> in my Izy Encrypter…

Many kind thanks for your fast reply..

Please can remake this class for java - this is script of encrypt is perfect, i want buy, but i want in java for Android applications, want make request encrypted :)


Unfortunately we do not have plan to release the version of encrypter in Java. If we release it anytime soon, you’ll know it.

Thanks for your interest.

Thanks anyway, but if you can suggest me something I appreciate, I would like to work with a system similar to end-to-end, I wanted to encrypt the data that would be sent for requests and descriptogralos server (java-to-php) using a key or something

Friend, he encrypt php and html?


I might not have been clear with the question.. Please clear me if I’m getting it wrong If you are talking about encrypting html/php tags then it can encrypt/decrypt. But if you mean whether it can encrypt the source-code of website, then it’s not possible at the moment.

Thanks for your interest in plugin !

It is really good, codes are clean and understandable, algorithm unique and fast. I recommend it to everyone!

Here is some test results that I made for this encryption algorithm. Like the author has said; the algorithm creates a new encrypted texts each time. But it also able to decrypt it without any error or false;

Same text (encrypt and decrypt) 1000 times, all encrypted text’s decryptions matched perfectly. Array ( [text] => This is a test message that created for test purposes only! [text_len] => 59 [matched] => 1000 [not_matched] => 0 [tries] => 1000 [total_time] => 0.9487509727478 )

Different text for each time
Array ( [text] => Different text for eachtime. [text_len] => 36 [matched] => 1000 [not_matched] => 0 [tries] => 1000 [total_time] => 0.48266696929932 )

Thank you so much for sharing the detailed test results. :)

Can we encrypt php files in the server ?

If so, can you tell me how to do it ?


Yes, you can but you need to have basic php knowledge You can use php eval function Encrypt the php code > run eval with decrypted php code

Thank You!


support PHP 7 ?

Yes, it does.

Hi there, although this script was created in 2014, does your script still offer the same level of encryption security? can it be compromised now in anyway? Im planning to use your script in conjunction as a login authentication token based system – your script will generate/decode the token at each API request/response. Would you consider that the JWT a better secure method or do you believe your script to be just as good? Thank you for any advice.

Thank you for purchasing our script. And sorry for delayed reply, we were on vacation.

This script works well in 2017 too. But I’m sorry I cannot decide if JWT is better.

Thank You!

Can I translate this script into Chinese?

Yes, you can. Hope you are already familiar with scripts.