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Looks pretty good ! GLWS

Thank you.

Nice work ! GLWS

Did you used any php framework in this item ?

Thank you.
No, i did not use any framework.

Hi looks good, when I add a new team member and update the photo it doesn’t save. Also not clear how to contact other team members and assign them work.

Hello, Thanks. Its working fine here.
All the team members have the access to see the notes, projects, photos, canvases. They can login using their username and password and can see the status.

Hi, awesome script. Is there an option to share some notes with team instead of all of them or they are kept privately to author? Can do you add the option to upload an image to draw canvas over it? How can delegate just one task with team members?

Hello, Thanks. Well, at this moment i kept it simple however, i have noted your suggestions to implement in future.

My pleasure.

I would like to test it bit it gives me wrong user and password.

Its working now. Please check. Thank you.

I really liked it so much. I suggest for you the following: - Why not to link the canvas / photos to a certain note or project. so when I upload a picture, I assign it to a certain project or note.

Thats a nice suggestion. I have noted this for future implementation. Thank you.

how can i log in? wrong user and wrong password

Its working now. Please check. Thank you.

Invalid Username or Password

Its working now. Please check. Thank you.

demo not working bad pw

Demo is working now. Please check. Thank you.

mam i need this but how can i signup with my id and search any one by location etc, admin panel is not available…..............


You are welcome.

Nice script , good work ! , I suggest for you to create option that let user can upload files like ( word , excel files and PDF files ) .

Thank you for the compliment and the suggestion. I have noted this.


iWork supports the registration of more freelancers? In order to more freelancers manage different projects?


This is not SaaS. However, if you add the freelancers as team member then surely they can manage their projects. In that case, the other freelancers or the team member will be able to see the other projects handled by every other freelancers or team members. Thank you.

It is possible to do implementations in iWork script?

- Multi-user platform. - Admin member or prinicpal note or create projects for level of members below.

Nice work! Good luck with sales.

Thank you.

Very nice your work. Good to see ladies developing softwares too! I were looking for a resource like this and yours is the best for projects management.

Thanks for the nice compliment. I hope you will enjoy using the software.


deoxXy Purchased

Hello, I installed now and show server error 500 at /?ng=login/auto/. How to fix it? Thanks

Can you please give me a ftp access so that i can reproduce the issue.?

Can this app intergrated with ibilling ? or as plugin ?

iwork is neither integrated with iBilling nor a plugin, this is a separate software. Thank you.

would love to see the following added: Time tracking job tracking


hello, i found your tool quite useful especially with LMS. I will advice you to add in the name LMS or cources. So people will find that while searcing LMS (learining management systems)

furthermore, i have some questions. 1) are my notes availbale only for me? i dont want to share. or are they available to anybody who has a ling to the note? is there a way to restrict. 2) i tried to use canvas. Good, but few problems. When i draw and then i want to move, i click respective icon to move the element and it is moving all elements. for instance if i draw 5 circles and i want to move a bit one of them to the right, there are moved all together as fixed. It is impossible to move separate. 3) i saw a suggestion to connect notes with projects. For instance if i am a student and i want to make a note to some subject, i will create a subject as project, but unfortunately i am not able to connect my notes to the subject so it will be shown in that category. will you create some solution for that? you can also add the same to photos as some images and charts can be assigned to exact project. 4) furthermore, i saw 3 button on the right side of notes on note page. 1st is “show”, 2nd “edit”, 3rd “delete”. here are 2 comments. A) as i saw, if i click to the name of the note it shows me note. In that case, your show button is needless. B) the link for deleting the file is (the last is probably note id). Here is a question, i had a problem before with a different application that any member could delete a file by dialing the current link. So the application was not blocking user permission as he was not the owner. I think, it is not you case but just a question if you have blocked that? 5) there are missing really functions like ctrl+x, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+z. Will you implement.

6) what is a difference between published and draft note? 7) will i see in my team all members of the platform or just those whom i add? 8) is it possible to create different teams? sometimes i can need to share only with exact person, is it possible?

9) in the left side menu in a dash “notes” there are who sub items. “add note” and “note lists”. being honest it doesnt have a sense to toggle only 1 button. My suggestion for you will be connect “Notes” with “notes list” and connect ”+” button on the right side with “add note”. THis will make your many easier. No need of clicking twice. The same you can do with canvas and projects.

the idea is still cool. I like it. I will adivice to take some ideas from existing solutions like “paint”, “evernote” and xmind platform.

yes, by the way, is it a multi user solution? i mean can 100 people use the template separately?

Hi, I have noted your suggestion. Sorry for late reply. It’s standalone application not SaaS. Your suggestions is great but there are some limitations in the html5 canvas, other functionalities etc.

do have idea for online design platform for business cards, flyers,posters, social media banners, brochures

Thanks for your suggestion.

This is an awesome script, but some of the demo features does not work on my Samsung android Chrome browser. I cant do notes, or drawings. I am ready to buy this

Have you done the improvements yet , to make it mobile friendly ?

And also, can you allow where I can either upload and paste images on the drawing pad , let me know please,

Hi, There is some limitation on web drawing pad. I do not have immediate plan to add more features in this software. Regarding mobile browser, I have tested in s7 edge. It was working fine. Before purchasing, please make sure everything is working fine in your end, as I do not have plan to update it near future. Thanks.

hello, i have many months following this project, but not updates, not more features ¿Do you think continue this?.... suggestions: Multiusers, Personal File Manager (uploads files and documents), Webmail..

Hi, thank you for your suggestions. We will consider those features.