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Does iWeather show the weather forecast with icons?

Yes. iWeather has support for a 4 day weather forecast. It includes icons for each day, a weather report and of course the date. iWeather also shows an icon for the current weather climate :D

Does iWeather require a Wunderground Developer account?

Yes. iWeather fetches its data from a weather service called Wunderground. You need to make a developer account with them (free) and then obtain an API Key.


How do I implement iWeather into my own iOS applications?

iWeather comes with a Developer PDF Guide which takes you through the key steps of implementing iWeather into your own iOS apps.

The PDF Guide is super easy to understand and helps you get setup in just a few minutes.

What version of iOS does iWeather support?

iWeather supports devices running iOS 6 and higher.

Does iWeather support the Retina Display and iDevices with a 4 inch display?

Yep :D

Does iWeather use XIB or Storyboard UI?

iWeather has been designed with an XIB user interface. However, iWeather is very easy to customise and comes with an included PDF Developer Guide which will help you implement iWeather into any XIB or Storyboard iOS app.

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