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bekeths Purchased

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addEventListener’ of null at uploader.js:192

This is not error sir

I said that you can’t insert two users with the same email


bekeths Purchased

1. My video links on facebook twitter do not bring people back to my website; That is to say that the reading of the video is done on facebook or twitter

I want that if someone clicks on the video he redirected to my website. Could you solve it please, the ones limited to see my videos but they are not redirected to vidoshore.com. do you check this

2. Why my site appears on google search with the index: https://www.vidoshare.com/index.php It does not display the website well, you can check by performing a search to fully understand

Helpe me please,

Hi sir

Sorry for late reply I just moved to windows 10

1 – Fixed

2 – Fixed

Hope you enjoy sir :)

please add a option to admin area …to add direct …paypal email to receive money….i cant find the PAYPAL setting area.or option…

Paypal settings very easy sir

After purchasing you will find everything about this

Hope you enjoy :)

ok..can you change theme colour …of whole php ..script…..

Yes sir

Modifications are free :)

How do i remove or disable the video ads function? My site is ad free please reply asap

Thank you sir

Happy new year

Note: I just uploaded new version don’t replace watch.blade.php file if you don’t want ads

Hope you enjoy :)

i get a white page with no video player

Where? can you give me a link?


bekeths Purchased

I have a connection problem with twitter, but yesterday it worked well

What is the problem sir?

I tried to create an advertise page but I didn’t find what to write

You can just put some content and your email also you can put link for contact page

Hope you enjoy :)

can i find most liked videos in admin panel …...

I can make this for you sir :)

which type of hosting i can choose for this script…..please tell me////

Hi sir

I recommend you iPage.com


Hi, do you have plans of adding the ability to post videos using embed code?

Hi sir

Yes I will do this feature soon as possible next updates :)

When is your new update and what will it have?


But I will update it tonight :)

You can send me the script again. written

example: - Paid Subscriptions - Videos for only VIP users - HTML player ads to earn more from adsense - fixed bugs - Improved security to high level - Manage Payments - Manage VIP users storage space, video time, video size… etc

You can buy the script sir :)


bekeths Purchased

Explain me a little how to do the update

If you already purchasing version 1.4 you can just in one click update to version 1.4.1 Backup your database and replace these files: 1 – File application/app/Http/Controllers/PaymentsController.php 2 – File application/app/Http/Controllers/Admin/PlayerSettings.php 3 – File application/resources/views/watch.blade.php 4 – File application/resources/views/upload.blade.php 5 – File content/assets/css/html5player.css 6 – Please follow how to create an Youtube API Key below (very important)

Welcome sir

I fixed bugs :)


bekeths Purchased


sir having this error… please see this link http://eenadu.co

cant install it…

buy the script first

this is nulled

upgrade only fixed bugs?

Yes sir :)

After Upgrade, Iwatch stopped working, see list of issues below:

1) After upgrade, link to dashboard not working (http://withinnigeria.video/dashboard)

2) Password reset gives error after clicking submit (Try here http://withinnigeria.video/password/reset )

3) cover image not responsive, it only cover half of the video box (see attached picture sent to your email)

4) Two video canvases are showing, turns back to one after clicking “skip ads” (see attached picture sent to your email)

4) Please and please try to upload from computer and see that “upload from computer not working” and I have ffmpeg installed. Do i need to edit a file to specify path to my ffmpeg installation?

5) How do I increase the number of characters of Video title showing in home page and sidebar.

Hi sir

Please send me an ftp account to ezzaroual@mail.com

Also send me your admin login for your website to see errors

Hope you enjoy sir :)

Check that email, I sent details to ezzaroual@mail.com

Yes I got it

I am working on


jleao Purchased

Hello, I tried to update to the latest version, but the site stopped working. I resubmitted the files from the previous version.

Can you help me solve this problem ??? Another problem is when I try to share a video on facebook, the image is not loaded

Hi sir

Please send me an ftp account and your website admin login

to ezzaroual@mail.com

I will fix these soon as I come back :) I am outside now

Hello, I try to Watch Video on Demo Site but Its not Work. I cant Play any video.

Hi sir

I updated demo, Please clear your browser and try again

Hope you enjoy sir :)


edikky Purchased

New purchase, fresh install, working, but cannot access admin area. When logged in and click on “Control Panel” get “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” Please advice on a fix ASAP. Thank you!

Ok sir :)

For the category error

The error because the category inserted without creation date

Go to phpmyadmin > categories and insert time in created_at & updated_at colunms

Hope you enjoy sir :)


edikky Purchased

Did, that took care of it. Thanks.

Welcome sir :)

Hope you enjoy

Hi, can i add subtitle? also video in multiple qualities?

Hi sir

No these not available :)