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I want to buy but have a small problem. Turkish characters (?ç?? vs) in the picture when the title does not load, gives error.

When I click on the share button image, not the actual picture of the underlying share photos kurucug looks in the other small.

I don’t understand what doesn’t work. Please be more explicit and I will try to help you. Also, if you want quicker responses, message me via the message box on my profile ^^

I liked the script!

Just one question, where I can switch to “charset = utf-8”, not to give error characters, I’m from Brazil, when I put accent or ç, the error characters.

Thank you! :)


You have to go to /themes/intrigue/html/wrapper.mustache ^^

im not speak english, sorry…... i try upload a picture and select the images and press upload, but not upload, said “You must select a file” you need help me ?

Hello, Have you tried again? Is this error repetitive ? I respond faster if you contact me on my email address, you can find it in the Documentation file.

Hum its bit hard to “edit the files, such as the footer, add another logo(bit bigger), there no tutorial about anything accept to install this.

I wonder who we can add larger Logo – edit the footer and add another language!

Btw, i sendt u a mail, also, how can you change font style?

Hello, I believe I answered your email. Anyway, to edit header and footer you have to go to /themes/intrigue/html/wrapper.mustache . There is no support for other languages, you have to edit every file for that. And for a larger Logo you could check out the css in /themes/intrigue/styles/style.css

Have a nice day :)

These things will, i know, these WILL increase your sales!

1) Messages to users(inbox, Outbox, delete, send, ect)!

2) Possible to change MAX Image size in “one image” view, instead of a 10feet tall image(for huge images), maybe make it crop a bit, and make a “zoom in” thing instead :)

2.1) Multi-Uploads (add a “upload progress bar also, make it like the pros do)

3) Make this theme responsive!

4) Make a few themes, with colors, other “styles” (boxed front page), some design would help a lot! (i had to change colors and some stuff; http://fotoamatorer.net/)

5) Make the Profiles bit more attractive! the ones this have now are flat and boring if i may be honest.

Please, these things would give the users what they want, and you sell 50 times more!

6) Member list!

i get this when i try to upload a jpg file

Your file type is not allowed

or any file thats accepted. also cant seem to find where i remove the admin login and password from the admin page. am i blind or something?

well i still have the error of uploading pictures i have deleted and added my own in the sql. And everything looks alright but still get that error somehow.

But i fixed the admin pw and such =), are we able to remove copyright yourname and add our own? or is that extended license?

Go to /includes/class.pics.php to the lines 142-149 . Don’t comment them out because that would be a big security threat. Those lines are where the error lies and you can play around a little with them. If you can’t see nothing wrong with them, send me that file at nytr0gen.george@gmail.com :)

About that copyright, I allow you to remove it. Extended license is for those who want to sell or share my product.

I have a problem but the site went up when I want to access some link me answer the following addresses http://localhost/iup/Dev/to?a=admin everything looking as localhost as I do to resolve this.

You can visit my site http://www.lavidaok.com

Hey, Check in /includes/config.php on line 7 that $_conf[‘url’] points to your domain. I can’t access your site. Thank for you purchase. If config.php points correctly then reply or email me with more details and I’ll be happy to help.

This script is awesome just a couple questions.

1. Can the urls be more friendlier for search engines.

Example: Form: http://iup.vulpe.info/?a=pic&b=322 To: http://iup.vulpe.info/pic/may-car

2. Is there moderation for pics before going public?

3. Tags or categories for tags

3 is more of a request I know they don’t exist but hey.


well, you can check in the admin panel Upload Approval and you’ll moderate pics before going public (2). I didn’t want to do url friendly links because it’s no more that big of a deal. Look at youtube who has ?v=blah and is still beautifully indexed. Anyway, I can help you with that. (1) I’ll think about it. For this moment, I’m no longer developing this script

Hey hey,

I’d send you an email yesterday…Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.


Hello, I’m sorry, I didn’t get your email. Can you send it again? Or just let me know here if I can help you with anthing about the script.

Have a nice day :)

Hey hey,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply :) I’m just wondering if you have time for customization work? Please let me know.

Thank you so much…

can be translated?

if this had it where users can communicate with each other, follow each other and if there was a different means of ORDER on the home page, maybe instead of showing most recent photos first, the photos with the MOST LIKES should show as they are more popular. If it had these things, I would purchase. Looks good though, maybe you consider?

Abandon Script…

A failed script.

Hi, demo not working…!!

The admin login doesnt work. How do i reset my password as admin?

nvm about the admin thingy its sortted. But we need multi upload dude.

all the demo links are DEAD. does anyone check these?


I have server error Error message: /services/users/zstorage12p2/sham/www/basembitar.com/iup/.htaccess: Option All not allowed here

i did follow the instruction. please assist.

I fixed the error but I have another error message Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on boolean in /home/www/basembitar.com/iup/index.php on line 26

be wary of this guys, the author of this script also owns a warez site offering paid codecanyon scripts for free.

Demo? Does not work

Demo?? Is this author active or not? :-(