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Does it come with help documentation ?

Yes it does ;-) It comes with Help Documentation and a lot of code comments that will make implementation a lot easier. In case you have questions that are not answered by either the documentation or the code comments, just ask me directly or leave a comment and i will help.

Thank you :-)

Hi, Can i use it in an app made using objective-C (no swift) ??

Hello and thank you for your purchase. Even though it was developed and written in Swift, it can be implemented in existing Objective C Projects. The thing is though, you can import the Swift files without problems and integrate them into Objective C by using a so called Bridging Header. The Interface however is a different Story. I will update the documentation File on how to do this and provide an Objective C Example. Please send me a Message using the contact form on my profile page so i can send you the new files.

Thank you very much :-)


How do i integrate it in my swift apps ?

Hi, i´m sorry that you have difficulties. You simply drag & drop the Swift Files from my project into your project. Then create a Table View Controller and give it the same settings and the same prototype cell as in my project. Hook everything in the prototype cell up to the existing IBOutlets from the “AppTableViewCell.swift” file, name the segue to “showItemsSegue” and you are good to go. I will update the documentation on this process. I apologize that i didn´t do that in the first place, i assumed that it was clear. Please send me a message using the Contact form in the lower left corner of my Profile Page here so i can send you the new documentation as soon as it´s done. Otherwise you will have to wait until invite proves the update.

Thank you very much.

Can you please,

create a tutorial showing how to integrate it in other apps because me and a lot of other client are not programmers.


thanks. This is what i call first class support !

I’m glad you like it :-) Please don’t forget to rate if you have a minute. This will help for more :-)

Were you able to manage it using the new tutorial? :-)


I’d want to use this for my app but i’m not using swift. Does it contain instructions on how to implement it in apps which use objective-c ?


This App comes with a step by step video tutorial “How to integrate in existing projects”. Even though the project and the video tutorial are focused on Swift, you can integrate Swift Code in Objective-C Projects. More information on that can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi there,

I purchased the app, and am trying to get the launchscreen to be full screen. How can I change the screen in interface builder to occupy the full screen?

Thanks, AJ

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. The screens are already optimized for all devices.

Apart from that, this app is more an add on or an extension for your existing app. It’s not ment to be a stand alone app.

Thank you very much

I can’t get this app to run in xcode 6.3.1,

SwiftyJSON.swift Swift Compiler Error: Could not find member ‘ScalarString’

Is there a way to get this to run for me in xcode, or can I get an updated version that works?

Thank you.

Hi. Sorry for my delay but I’ve been on vacations. Since the last Xcode update they changed a few things without previous advice. Update is on its way. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Did this update ever come, as I’m having the same issue? (Could not find member ‘ScalarString’) Or you can just tell me how to fix it. That’s fine too. Thanks.

Update submitted for review. Should be available soon.

Did this update ever come, as I’m having the same issue?

Update submitted for review. Should be available soon.


I’ve, just replace: (23) case ScalarString(NSString) (98, 184) return string as String (198) let scanner = NSScanner (string: string as String) (216) return NSURL

hello this source also support iOS 9?

Thank you :-) please let me know if you need any help with it.

ing iOS 9.


i’m sorry for the delay. I refactored the entire script, fixed all issues and just uploaded the update to Envato.
This can take a couple of days to review.
Compatible to latest Xcode, latest Swift 2 and latest iOS 9.
Once the update has been approved by Envato you will receive an email notification from them and then you can download the entire package from CodeCanyon again (for free).

Please let me know if you need any help or assistant with this.

Thank you :-)

i am enter the developer name as this “Free+App” but nothing appear of apps , another question i need step by step how integrate this swift file in objective c

Thanks :)

i tried the same here, in the “Settings.swift” file on line 22 i entered, as you stated, “Free+App” and have a huge amount of Apps. Maybe you modified something else beforehand? When downloading the project files from CodeCanyon and unzipping it, open it in Xcode, ONLY entering the above mentioned “Free+App” and run in the simulator it works perfectly fine. When entering the Bundle Identifier and run it on an actual device the same, it works perfectly fine.

Regarding how to integrate this Swift Project with an Objective-C project, please refer to this Documentation, this should answer all questions you might have regarding combining Swift with Objective-C.
I really hope that this solves your issues, but if not please don’t hesitate to ask again. I’m more than happy to help wherever i can.

Thanx a lot ;-)

thank you for reply , i am just unzipping the file and open it by final version of xcode and not appear in simulator and real device

see this image

Well that’s weird. If you don’t mind, please send me your skype name via the contact form in the lower right corner of my profile page. Currently I’m out of office but I’ll be back within the next 3-4 hours. Let’s have a skype chat then and go through it step by step to track down the issue. I’m sorry you’re having this trouble.

Hello , can i publish this app as a standalone app? Does Apple accept it?

Hi, sorry for the delay but i’ve been on vacations. This App is a Portfolio App. Apple only allows “App Catalogues” or “App Portfolios” of your own Apps. I’m actually not sure if you cab submit it as a standalone app. The idea was to add this to all your existing Apps in order to promote YOUR other Apps on the store. I hope this makes somewhat sense. Please let me know if you have more questions.

you went update the app to swift 3 ?

Swift 3 Updates are coming soon. Thank you

when man

I’m sorry for this huge delay but I have been extremely busy lately. Soon I’ll shoot updates for all of my items.

wait 23 day to update to swift 3 ?

I’m sorry for this huge delay but I have been extremely busy lately. Soon I’ll shoot updates for all of my items.

Will it be updated ios 10 ? Where i buy