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Hello! Can’t upload the plugin. Receiving an error. What am I doing wrong? Tried to install it through ftp and wp admin.


This is not a WordPress plugin but a standalone app. That’s why :)

Oh, sorry :( Bad to know!

Can you find a specific song from title and artist?

I work at a radio station and I have a connector from our automation software to our web site for publishing the current playing song. I’d like to add an iTunes link with a affiliate code so that our listeners can download songs/albums.

I’m looking for some PHP code to get a link to a specific song on iTunes.

That’s not supported directly by this app, but could certainly help you with it as a customization. Please contact me through my profile page and can get back to you by email, thanks !


I just purchase your app named iTunes Instant Search App.

Then I found you are still using the old link from linkshare.

The apple affiliate program already shut down on Linkshare 1st Oct.

Now I switch to PHG.

It’s simpler, just need to add parameter &at=token at the end of the iTunes link.

Could you please update this app so I can use the app?


Thanks for the info. Will check it out and push an update coming days, thanks

OK, and please add more search categories like mac app. Thanks

Hi, nice script.I add my bookmarks. When next update coming ?

Hello, I bought on CodeCanyon iTunes Search.

Everything is working fine except the affiliate link.

I got my ID from iTunes Affiliate Program, ABCD123 (example) but I don’t know where to put it on file config.php.

// Affiliation program information on - // ----------------- //Should have the following structure:*KCGn9w&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1= $GLOBALS[‘itunes_tracking_url’] = ‘*KCGn9w&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=';

Any clue?



An update will be released coming days. Please contact me through my profile page with your request and will send you the updated version by email directly so you don’t need to wait for it, thanks !

Ok, what’s the link of your profile page?

Here it is:

Please thread your comments using the reply button situated at the bottom of your first posted comment. Thanks

This app works fine except for one little problem. It doesn’t return results for items I know are in iTunes.

For example if I manually enter it returns 3 results in JSON format. If I use your app to search the terms Joe Rogan it returns nothing.

What’s funny is the code in your display_results.php file is set to echo out ‘No results have been found’ if no results are found. It doesn’t do this! Try it for yourself. This tells me it is getting back results but they are somehow getting filtered or not being echoed properly.

All is fixed now ;)

I just tried it. It is now perfect ;)

You know what would make this App really awesome? If you could set the max returned results to 200 and then paginate them. Is this something that could be implemented in a future release?

Yes will definitely keep it in mind for a future improvement !

It would also be useful to either hard code the number of results displayed before pagination occurs or let the user select the number of returned results before pagination with a select box.

Thanks for the suggestion ;)

Your app does not work with the latest version of jQuery 1.10.1. Is there a specific reason you are using 1.7.2 in your app?

Normally yes, it will be updated in the future but there is nothing to be concerned about and almost no differences for this app :)

Any plans to make this responsive?

That’s a very minor think, just need to set the search area with to 100% and that should be responsive :)

Hello, interested in your script.

But how can i make search in your script via something like


Can we add “Chart” and “Genre” search options as well in this script? like this website is doing—

Sure, we’re currently updating / refreshing our apps and that’s a great idea for this one! It will be in the works coming 1 to 2 weeks !

Can I integrate this in Wordpress?

No sorry because this is not a WordPress plugin

Is there a way to call a search directly? Like index.php?search=madonna

Can be added easily by a programmer familiar with php

Hi i have probs. if i upload the script then give me my server a 500 failure. i try the configuration with a htacess but dosnt work have you a idea why i have the 500 failure


i found the failure – its all okay i change the ’ to ” now works

when updated??