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How come when you search apps its in Dutch?


You are right. I missed that. If you visit the support site again, you will see it is in English. You can change the language at any time in the widget.

Thanks for notice!

Gr. Joran

Hi ,

i need to update index.html for show new apps and detail descriptions grids .

and page app have share socials network facebook , twitter and google + .

Thank you.

You’re welcome. If you have any questions, let me know.

iTunes recently changed their affiliate program, will that work with their new affiliate program?

Thanks for asking. Yes, it will work.

hello according to apple there are two affiliate schemes

PHG and TradeDoubler

PHG is for US and ROW affilate stores TradeDoubler is for UK Europe etc

Is it possible to show a USA visitor the US affiliate link, and UK visitor UK affiliate link?

Thanks for the great idea! I will work on that, but for now you have to make a choice which affiliate program you would like to use.

okay brilliant :) GL with sales

hi your script work with json data?

Go ahead. Success!

bought :D

Thanks! :bigsmile:

Just picked this up. Going to give it a chance.

Could you add categories?

Nice! You can add categories by changing the feed url. You can generate feed urls at: https://rss.itunes.apple.com/us/

Ah, thats amazing! This is truly a great script and easy to mod

Would it be possible to add caching in an update?

Good idea. Will work on that.

Hi I have a WordPress website and id like to display things like “top Free Apps” in a few side widgets. Will this work? Easy to impliment on WP? Thanks

I’m working on a plugin for Wordpress. Right now, I know to little about WP to say if it works.

Also, i see a mention of PHG as an affiliate. Can you use PHG in your script as well as TradeDoubler?

I don’t know PHG but all networks that builds a redirect url can be used. As far as I know all the affiliate networks work this way.

Any ETA on caching update?

Working on another script. Pick it up right now

So will it be added to this script?

Are the widgets responsive / smartphone friendly?

If you would like to add mobile itunes content to your mobile site, maybe you should look at my adrotator script. http://bookmarksurfer.com/itunes/adrotator/ with this script you can fully customize the Ad formats.

Same question as the other one does this plugin have any support for PHG Affiliate network?

On my site I can no longer see the information and pictures of the app, what could have happened?

does this come with apps or I have to create apps, and can I set this as a subdomain.

It directly shows the apps from the appstore. And yes you can set this as a subdomain.

Any updates ???

Can we add “Chart”, “Country” and “Genre” search options as well in this script? like this website is doing—http://www.appninjaz.com/appsense/index.php

Given that there hasn’t been an update…is this script still good to work with Apple affiliate program ? also can i display the worst performing apps also ? thaks

The code is not responsive and had to take out cookies function and tradedoubler links out to make it function. the code the url is http://www.appsmize.com . any help will be appreciated .thanks