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Live preview doesn’t work :(

Thanks for mentioning! Fixed it :)

no real live prewiev ? i mean where you show in video i want try it on real time

I’m afraid I can’t do that because the product is all javascript and css, and I don’t like showing live previews that are missing functionality. If you can tell me specifically what you would like to see, maybe I can set something up for you.

Looks nice but this doesn’t seem to be practical at all. Why why I want to show a tool tip that just shows an icon? Or click a button to open a tooltip, to open a dialog window?? If this showed TEXT with an icon, I would definitely be interested.

The very last example shows all the icons as does the item preview image :)

Yeah I saw that, but it’s not clear at all that that’s not just you showing all the different icons available. Especially since there isn’t a pointer in the screenshot like it is for the rest of your examples. Good luck with sales.

Thanks :)!

Bart , can i simply add this automatically to all outgoing links ? For example i want to create a page full of rss feed articles (titles only) When i hover the title will it popup ?

Or do i need to add this manually to every link ?


You don’t need to add the tooltip manually to every link. Let’s say you have a list with links inside of them and want to add the tooltip to every single one of the list elements. All you need to do is loop through the elements and call ’.iTip’ like so:


Feel free to ask me anything if there are more things you would like to know :)

Plugin is highly recommended! I had two issues (one of them my fault) when I installed this. Bart, the developer, got back to me nearly instantly and was able to update the plugin and fix the issue related to relative positioning.

Great developer, great plugin, A++ :)

I want to use iTip with the colorbox lightbox.

Colorbox creates the following html code:

<iframe framewborder=”0” name =”cbox1371490477055 src=”” class=”cboxIframe”></iframe>

I want to bind your jquery scipt to the cboxIframe.

I want to use the Itip to allow the user to click on the Itip Icon that appears when the user hovers over the iframe (ie: mouseover), and that will open a new browser tab with the url used in the Iframe (ie: or any other url I code.

Great One, welcome to Envato Family