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Hello, Does it works with woocommerce? All the best

Sorry, this is plugin for Exchange only.

This is very cool but a little limited for user designing yet. Very good idea.

Thank you! I will try to add more features in the next version.

Please, can you tell me where is the “style” file. because WP doesnt allow me to finish the installation.

Hello, you mean is the location of CSS file, right? -CSS of front-end user is located in css folder, for admin is includes/admin/css -php template file are located in includes/templates Please let me know if you need more

how does the backend work. And what output does this have? PDF vector or…

Thank you! Sure, plugin will have more options for output in next version. Again, thank for your advice

i’m going to buy it this weekend to support you

Thank a lot :)

Hello, I have a client that wants something like this on a Squarespace site. Would this work with Squarespace?


This looks very interesting. Keeping an eye on it. Good luck with sales (hopefully more users will start using Exchange)!

Pre Sale I like your app that has classical functions: add image, clipart, text. But..You can ii you add these functions? 1. Drawings/ Paint with different brushes, lines, stripes. Create shape. 2. Creation pattern (Generally speaking, patterns is small, simple, image-based or vector and is repeatable on both the x and y axes. Seamless/ Tileable design 3. Pad working. Most editors creates a single pad working, building design (such as for personalized T-shirts: one rectangular work surface, one Small Work Area Pad (S.WAP) usually with a size of approximately 350×500mm. I wish on one large rectangular big work surface( a canvas) (B.WAP) of about 1700 mm (length) x 1500 mm (height) and several smaller areas (S.WAP) with a rectangular or irregular shape after a mask. On this surface, a Big Work Area Pad (B.WAP) can be worked more independently Small Work Area Pad (S.WAP) If you made a design in a small pad (S.WAP) can be multiply by the rules of symmetry or flip (mirror) after some predefined some symmetry axis. Another. 4.-Work in layers 5. Undo, redo, flip (mirror), Delete, Masking 6. Very important, PARTIALLY ERASE a part of the design created inside a Small Work Area Pad (S.WAP) so not only deleting objects. 7.Colours. When choosing colors to be displaying a range of colors and/or a color palette.Picker. 8. Drag and drop images/vectors 9. Occurs working with SVG, PDF creation (at output in backend). The final artwork can give an option to print. Web2print. 10. To make a mirror image. Be able to draw some symmetry axes: vertical middle, horizontal, oblique and also can freely move the axis of symmetry. Mirror, Flip can be applied after the axis of symmetry or random. Usual function mirror is an items imported under pad work. I want to be able to achieve a mirror to a group of elements such as vector and pictures. 11. Visualize designs created as a 2D pattern on a 3D virtual model( mockup) 12. Possible to add a pattern as text color.

hi i changed the resolution from 800×600 to 1480×920 in settings but it wont take the effect on frontend , any solution for that ?

Pre-Sale Such an an editor interested me. Which are major differences compared to Fancy Product Designer?

Hi There Could you please let me know if your script can be transformed to personalized balloon designer like here: http://print.balloonmonkey.co.uk/personalise/?prodid=2023&redirtype=designer or here: http://www.partyrama.co.uk/shop/100th-birthday-balloons/personalise-photo-balloon/

How much it will cost to get it ready to use with Woocommerce? I have program for Mac and Windows if it can help.

Hi there, really liking this product. One question please if I may. I need a design tool for coasters which needs a circular area. Can this be done with this plugin?

Customers can upload their own pictures?

Hey guys! You’re demo page is infected….