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Great work, its very useful! :)

Yes, It is . Buy one today and It’s worth every penny.

update your demo, the login button doesn’t work.

yeh please post me link to login page. demo not working

Thanks! As already mentioned, it is worth every penny.


Demo not work. Thanks

Let me know, issue you are facing ? Thanks

Does it support conditions on questions?

Yes, it does , but not easy. You will have to write your own JavaScript and paste it to “newForm” block.

If you know “JS” , it is easy for you, else, you can hire me for doing such small work. hire costs starts [ 5$ – 50$ ] depending upon the complexity of work.


This looks great but it looks like there are some mobile display issues. On my phone the “prev” and “next” button covers some of the questions. If you can fix that, I’ll buy it.

Oh! Yes got it. Fixed it .

Hello Great work I would Like to understand it. 1- Who can create new survey? can any user create it ? 2- If not, Can you add the ability give permission to users to create their own survey? 3- Can i download the survey submission as excel file or any other format like? 4-can you add some customization for my version like IMAP and active-directory users only.


Thanks 1. Only admin can create survey.

2. Yes, it can be done , but that will be custom work and will cost extra.

3. Not currently, but in next version, you can download in csv file, if you order for custom work, it will be done for free as it is proposed work.

4. can you please elaborate “active-directory” users only ?

How do I find the results? I can’t find it in demo.

Login to Panel. Go to the Survey. And See the Result.

hello sir, nice work, can we talk my mail id is praveenran99@gmail.com

Praveen lets us know more. Send us your query via my profile page.

Good work, just bought.

hi, demo is down please restore it

Hi yes, we are actually changing hosting, it will be live in a day.


demo is up. Kindly check now.


Hi,demo not live,please recheck it.. :)

Demo is up. Kindly check now.


I would like to buy your script but I can´t see the demo, could you enable it?

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Demo is up. Kindly check now.


Hello, I have to problem. Register the new account, and activation mail ok. But /users/login ( too many redirects ). and dun sign in again.

Yes, got the details. We are checking them. Though our office is closed today, but still looking into it. Expect delay of couple of hour.



awd4 Purchased

Hi any reporting / stats module for the survey results ?

Nope stats as such are not available at the moment.

Hi – have purchased and see no place to edit passwords or add and edit users ?

Hi sorry for late reply, there is no option to edit users, and passwords are changed via “Reset Password” option. For any other question, Please send us message here :- https://www.codercv.com/user/3/freelancer


Is your system supporting Arabic or RTL ??!!